Wishlist for June Giveaway

Hey Legion!

I know we JUST started the May giveaway today, but I schedule things pretty far in advance over here. I want to know what items you'd like to see as giveaways for June!

Let's assume you can't go above $2k spent for this idea. Based on that, what Legion products would you want to see given away?

(Feel free to get creative! You could pick 2 Legion Go's, a few monitors, peripherals, etc)

  • Gaming laptop with at least a 4070 GPU and 32GB of Ram - should be doable under $2K no?  Looking forward to June and thank you.

  • It's been a while since a tower giveaway. What if there was just a whole set-up given away? 

    We can have a grand prize of a LOQ gaming Tower with RTX 4060 + Lenovo Y27h-30 27 inch Monitor + K500 Mechanical Keyboard + M600s Qi wireless Gaming Mouse + H600 Wireless Gaming Headset + Lenovo Legion XXL mousepad 

  • As many Legion Go's as possible. I really want one but don't want to shell out the money because I am not sure if it will meet my needs. 

  • Legion go/ monitors/ gaming pc.. anything seems nice at this point

  • I would like to see either 2 Legion GO's or one of the newest Legion laptops maxed out with the best GPU and most/fastest RAM within the budget. I wouldn't be upset for anything though, can't complain when you have a chance to get free stuff right?

  • A laptop as close to $2k as it can get!

  • What about a gift card? Whatever the max is, or an appropriate round number, awarded in points that can be spent on anything the winner sees fit. Top notch laptop, desktop, people can throw in extra money for more power or every bell and/or whistle, maybe spend the remainder on accessories. Totally open ended and up to the winner. That could be exciting.

  • The Legion Go is personally what I would prefer but if there's monitor giveaway I'd definitely would join as that's useful for my setup. Maybe a Lenovo Legion R27fc-30 27 inch Monitor and a laptop if it isn't too much or maybe a Legion Go and a nice monitor? Or a laptop and a keyboard and mouse bundle as second prize would be cool too. I don't mind entering for a monitor or a bundle and I don't mind skipping a month of entering to let someone have a chance to win a laptop or tower either. Whatever it maybe for June I'll forward to see what the community chooses.

  • I really miss the Legion Laptop giveaways! 

    So maybe 2 Legions Laptops or 1 Legion Laptop and 1 Legion Go. 

    Let's game!!

  • That seems like a great idea!