VOTE for our June 2024 Giveaway!

Edit: Vote is closed! The people have spoken - we'll be giving away a Legion 7i 4070 next month Slight smile

Calling all entrants! What item(s) do you want to win next month for our June 2024 Legion Community Giveaway?

  • Glad to see a monitor as an option. Imagine having a high spec machine and hooking it up to a subpar display.

  • Ooooooooooohhh... Everyone, do the proper research before you vote.

  • As long as the great white north is involved, all these options are great!

  • Legion 7i Gen 9 Intel (16″) with RTXTm 4070

  • More laptop giveaways please! They're way more versatile than the Legion Go's, plus more powerful!

  • Glad to see a vote for the giveaway!

  • These would all be amazing!

  • That tower could do some serious work!!! Laptops are great as well. My brother has a 5i with 4070 and its awesome. 

  • I really debated between a tower (which I already have) and the 2x legion Go's (which I NEED). But the community vote right now is 50% for Legion 7i Gen 9 Intel (16″) with RTXTm 4070 which would be an INSTANT upgrade of my laptop so I would agree with this one. Fantastic choices!

  • WOW! I vote for the (2x) Legion Go's, but that (1x) Legion 7i Gen 9 Intel (16″) with RTXTm 4070 is tenting.

    (2x) Legion Go's