Speaking of freebies….anyone else notice their rewards growing?

Does Lenovo give rewards which translates to discounts on products JUST by posting on and in this gaming community?!

  •  I just figured it out for myself haha they sure AF do!!!! 

  • gaming.lenovo.com/.../

    About $10 a month for normal posting and activities. Throwing likes around, making friends. 1000=$1

  • They do. You can track it in your dashboard

  • I stumbled across this a few weeks ago when I was looking at the store!

    One thing I'm not clear on is how it translates to the Canadian store. I see the same value for rewards dollars for my account on both Lenovo US and Lenovo Canada, but I'm not clear if the reward are in USD, CAD or if they count $1=$1 on both stores. I'm hoping it's not that last one.

  • Yes we do! As long as you're engaging authentically here, you get bonus rewards each month as our thanks Slight smile you can check your progress towards monthly completion in your dashboard/present icon

  • Yes! I just bought a monitor with all the Lenovo rewards/ points I've accrued for the past 6 months and didn't have to pay all that much!

  • Growing everyday! I've used so much in rewards...I've got mice, speakers, keyboards, backpacks, other accessories with just free money in rewards!

  • Yes, and it's nice when it doesn't glitch out like last week.

  • Yep - kind of sets it apart from other sites - you can keep on building towards redeeming for something in their store!

  • Yes, I just noticed last month (or rather, was reminded) and decided to use it towards a new mousepad, which was my first purchase from Lenovo.com. The UPS guy couldn't leave it at my doorstep and needed a signature, which was interesting because I have ordered things from other computer companies that cost hundreds of dollars and they were just left by my door.

    This was a nice mousepad, with a wrist pad thingy, (no, it didn't have an anime girl picture, I know what you guys are thinking, lol... they didn't have them Disappointed) Still, it was just a mouse pad, so around $20. I just found it funny that probably the cheapest thing I've ever ordered was the only thing that had that high of security. IDK if all Lenovo things are sent this way or if I forgot to check a box, but it's still nice that they did that, because while I don't have trouble with "porch pirates" others do. Having that as the default is a good thing since they send really expensive things sometimes.