What is your single favorite "scary" game of all time, and why?

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What single "scary" game is your favorite you've ever played, and why?

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- This doesn't have to just be "horror" games, it can be any game with scary elements!
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  • I know it's not a typical "scary" game but when I played the original Diablo back in the days, the Butcher's "Awww - fresh meat" gave me shivers. And it still does, it never gets old. Still scary and creepy. A real classic dark action role playing game.

  • Dead Space for sure! Just the all round eeriness and the combat which lets you fight back even when you are scared. It was brilliant! Wish they made more :(

  • Love scary elements like that in non-horror genres Smiley

  • Layers Of Fear. It's more mental than scare jump horror with extremely warped visuals and sounds. There's a number of rooms in a house to investigate and each time you unlock a location you can go back to play another way in a previous one afterwards to find more clues as to what happened in the house to the characters. Hopefully no spoilers there if anyone wants to play it

  • My favorite scary game is the original Dead Space Slight smile

    Sure, it had it's share of jump scares, but they were tastefully placed to good effect.  What I like the most about it is the tense ambience the game had - to this day I swear I could hear whispers as I walked the empty corridors - it's like I was going increasingly paranoid... adding to the spine-tingling atmosphere.

    I haven't played any of the sequels yet, but one day I will... and I also look forward to the remastered version!  Hopefully they keep most of the same elements the original had.

    PS:  This game has one of the most memorable jump scares I've seen to this date - when it happened I made a real weird yelp... a combination of woah and AHHH!  I really wasn't ready for it.  The game also lured me into a false sense of security.


  • Ooo never heard of that one, need to check it out...

  • Seen a few mentions of Dead Space now... might have to try that out over the weekend! Thanks for the rec!

  • One of my favourite scary game is called Observational Duty and their following series. It's my most memorable game simply because of how challenging the game really is, it induces fear into my very core and manage to collectively group my friends together in a livestream to find different anomalies together. I still remember the screams of "joy" whenever HUGE MAN, or Prince Kevin appear. Good times.

  • For sure!  Just forget about what I said - go about the game as you do without any research or preparation lol

  • I totally liked The Suffering back in time, also Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is another one of favorites :)