What is your single favorite "scary" game of all time, and why?

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What single "scary" game is your favorite you've ever played, and why?

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- This doesn't have to just be "horror" games, it can be any game with scary elements!
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  • Though sadly The Suffering 2 wasn't as scary as first one, and i can't really describe why, because it'd be a spoiler. Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is rather slowly applying psychological pressure and perhaps is more thriller than horror, but i'd say it still qualifies :D

  • Psychological still counts! I'd put a lot of Metroid games on my "scary" list even though they're not quite full-fledged "horror" games Slight smile great picks!

  • Resident Evil 4 most definitely, with (what I consider to be its spiritual successor) Dead Space 2 as second place.

    Most scared I’ve ever been in a game is definitely a close call between the greenhouse/daughter’s room in Resident Evil 7 and House Beneviento in Resident Evil 8.

  • Alone in the Dark...i liked it, but is quite old

  • My all-time favorite horror game will have to be P.T. Sure this is technically not a game or even a demo, yet it is the greatest horror experience I have encountered in gaming to date. When it comes to horror every other title is a game first and foremost only using horror as a single element of the experience. However, P.T. uses horror as its focus building the entire gaming experience around this concept. This game doesn't rely on jump scares instead it forces the player to fear the unknown. As you progress through this infinitely looping hallway you begin to fear turning the corner. What if there is a new nightmare waiting around the corner? What if there is nothing at all? It is this uncertainty that causes your imagination to run wild creating true terror. 

  • I really love Resident Evil 4 and looking forward for the new Remake next Year Slight smile  I am also excited about the new Dead Space remake :) The first one was really good. I also had fun with Outlast and Resident evil 7. Did u play the evil within 2? Just a great story and really scary :)

  • Not sure if this count as "scary", but Dying Light 2. I really enjoyed playing it at release. The gameplay felt really smooth, and I liked the story. I also love that you can play those games fully in coop with your friends. Wandering around at night can definitely be scary, with a ton of screaming zombies chasing you. There's also more DLC coming for it, so hopefully we get some great scary moments.

  • For me the best scary game is the subnautica. I love the atmosphere of this game, the animals, the beautiful world and the scary situations. The game is very enjoyable.

  • I don't play scary games much, but of the ones I played Amnesia had a pretty haunting atmosphere. I liked it since it wasn't too over the top scary. I liked the slow pace, which allows the player to really soak in the environment and the haunting atmosphere, without constantly being on the run from monsters.

  • Bioshock by far, it was my first contact with the horror theme itself when i was a kid, the big dads and little sister, the splicers, the cold war theme, would you kindly, every thing mixed with that unique and macabre felling of rapture really fraked me out and made me fall in love with the genre!