What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend?

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What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend? 

Are you celebrating spooky season with horror games, or playing other titles? (New Call of Duty MW2, OW2, or others maybe?)
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- Explain why you're playing your game - what do you like about it right now?
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  • Playing some Phasmophobia with friends. Hunting ghosts, dying, repeat. Will be great Slight smile

  • I’ve got a Forza Horizon event coming up to check out the decked out festival and hang out with distant friends!  Plus it’s been too long since we’ve busted out the cars vs trucks or airplanes.  

    additionally hoping to get more time in on Death Stranding this week, trying for that 5 star platinum run this time.  Plus, spoopy ghosts are present and every playthrough I feel like I get more out of it.  

    in other words, trying to find some zen this weekend!

  • I am playing Hollow Knight,I wanted to try it out and had it on my wishlist for quite a while,first impression of it for me is great to be honest. The visuals are stunning,the story is rather sad,and the soundtrack is just mindblowing, definitely looking forward to finishing it!

  • Lol was planning to enjoy a good long weekend with Resident Evil Villages DLC for Roses campaign but I manage to finished that in around 2 hours. Might as well replay Ethen's campaign in third person point of view for more points to unlock infinite ammo weapons. 

  • Probably forza horizon, good environment and a lot of content, phasmophobia, the walking dead or resident evil. I like to enjoy these solo, phasmophobia is only an option if friends will come over, but as we have family event planned, it's highly possible that I'll do solo gaming night, once it's done. Phasmophobia seems like the best option to play in a group of friends, though. 

  • Looking to play dbd , and the new resident evil expansion pack, because recently I played re4 , the old one and liked it a lot , so I'm giving village a shot now. happy Halloween Jack o lantern expecting some jumpcares for sure xd :) Also currently I'm playing  the new definitive edition of the walking dead, and it has become one of my all time favourites, , looking forward to complete  it in future

  • Playing some dead by daylight with my mates... It's so fun to play with friends as it has been given away so many times and also some scary elements are there in that game when considering it as a multiplayer game... We used to scream some times and our house members used to come up to check what's been going on .... It's really fun play with it enjoy it while talking with friends ...if anyone didn't get a chance I will surely suugest them dead by daylight 

  • I'll play some World War Z: Aftermath this weekend. Perfect time to kill some Zombies with my friends.

  • Hi, I'm just starting Mass Effect right now. I claimed it thanks to Prime Gaming. I like the variety of dialogues it has and the way the missions are approached. I've also probably tried it because of my recent interest in space. When I finish it I will be able to give a more detailed opinion. Regards.

  • Actually, I started playing Just Cause 4 recently! Super fun game, though not sure if it qualifies as a horror game. Never played anything from the Just Cause series before so it's a first. But for what people say about it, I think it's pretty good! Good story, decent gameplay and you get to blow things up (Which is probably one of the reasons I like it so much Smiley)!