What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend?

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What game(s) are you playing this Halloween weekend? 

Are you celebrating spooky season with horror games, or playing other titles? (New Call of Duty MW2, OW2, or others maybe?)
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- Explain why you're playing your game - what do you like about it right now?
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  • Gotham Knights plan to play on the Halloween. Have just bought this new game. Hope it will be a great fun for a long time. Plan to complete the game 

  • I am playing some Forza horizon 5 and have also installed The walking dead final season. First I am going to finish playing the walking dead final season and I am so curious to play it. The choices that I will have to make are making me more and more curious by the time. After a thrilling story, I will be shifting forward to playing Forza horizon 5 .

  • I am excited to start playing Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, I waited to have a free weekend to get deep into the story. I loved the predecessor and have high hopes for this one. Had plenty of scare moments when i fought some bosses, so it wll fit nicely into Halloween.

  • Residents evil series and my personaly favourite Resident Evil 7 biohazard and Resident Evil 2 remake the best horror games in the world and universe i love so much also the school white dayHeart eyesHeart eyesHeart eyesHeart eyesHeart eyesHeart eyes

  • Among the Sleeps. I found the game really scary and depressing because it really was a different kind of game. Not particularly challenging or difficult. But the terror was always present. The alternative sequences that you could watch in the museum at the end were also pretty scary.

  • Getting back to Left 4 Dead today with some friends, we are from argentina buenos aires and we found a recent mod (Cambalache) where Buenos Aires is actually portraited, can't wait for tonight!

  • Oh man I have to many to count. Some of the ones that I plan to play are Inside (again lol), Pumpkin Jack, Outlast, Ikai, Little Nightmares, Layers of Fear (Already played awhile back but dont remember it) and a few others I cant remember off the top of my head (LOL).   Non spooky games I am playing are Fall Guys (need to do halloween event).  Thanks for the chance at this.  (Been interested in MGH since I had the chance to try it at a PAX event)

    Reason for playing spooky games is that I am trying to get into the holiday and spooky spirit! :P

    For Fall Guys I am trying to rank up and grind to the top level for the season pass. (since I am a big fan of the game and really enjoy it!) I have been playing it since the closed beta started on PS.

    There are a few others that I want to check out at some point as well such as Gothem Knights, Visage, and The Quarry.

  • I got my hands on Gotham Knights this week. I know this isn't a horror game but I've been waiting for it's release for quite a time now. It is always fun to jump into the streets of Gotham and fight those huge, scary thugs. That's kind of horror-ry though, lol. Hope y'all have a great weekend. happy halloween

  • Can't edit the post above so adding a bit more here: 
    We are also aimin to play Back 4 Blood DLCs at some point, complete borderlands 2 and then get back to grounded now that it's out of early access. Happy halloween to everyone!

  • Seen a lot of Forza - seems like it's popular!