Programs and giveaways that Lenovo invented are awesome!

I love how we at least have a chance to possibly win something and always get discounts in a percentage and plus earn coins for answering quizzes and filling out information providing for the company this is awesome I wish I could get a job here I love Lenovo I have a Lenovo laptop that I just got last year and it's awesome! It's the first one I ever had that never fails never overheats and always works fast and efficiently thank you Lenovo you guys are awesome! Yours truly, Mike Mills

  • Glad that you enjoy it all Michael - and welcome to the community!

    Lenovo is a pretty massive company, so there are always jobs somewhere popping up. You can check out for more Slight smile

  • These giveaways are absoutely great, and the bonus points give us cool merchandise at a discounted price!

  • How do I find the giveaway section

  • The giveaways are great. Hopefully I can pull a new laptop before mine gives up.

  • Absolutely! I'm glad they allow us to choose what we want for the giveaways! Laptops > Legion GO!

  • The giveaway is great.