Nostalgic Games

What are a few of your personal childhood/go to games that you like to play?

mine would probably have to be assassins creed 3 or brotherhood

  • I still play SNES, N64, PS1, and PS2 games til this day.  Donkey Kong Country on SNES is still one of my go to games.  Marvel vs Capcom 2 on PS2 is my favorite that I play regularly.

  • I really miss the flash newground games :( 

  • Halo 2, AC2, Starcraft are some of the games I go back to!

  • All the ones I saw being played by YT gamers since that’s the closest I could get to video games lol. Story based like TLOU or like… starfox. It was limited content back then

  • Mario, sonic, and Duck Hunt.

  • I like the old Ms. Pac-Man ans the old Metroid those I can say are my games for nostalgia.

  • I play the original Metroid and Zelda titles on my NES (or any number of other places I have them available) multiple times per year. I love them both, and they never get tired or boring to me. 

  • There were some old games from the Dos era and Comodore 64 that I would love to play again, like Super Xaxon for example. 

  • Not from childhood, but I played a lot of Starflight.