Console or PC? What's the better investment? Do we need both?

I bought a Legion 5 instead of going next gen console. Best move i ever did. Do you thing its the better more? And do PCs outlast a console? 

  • PC is always better in my opinion. 

  • I agree. I wish I went this rout a long time ago.

  • I prefer a PC because it has so many other uses...

  • If you don't put a lot of time into gaming I can absolutely see the benefits of being a console gamer. There is something nice about being able to jump into games much more quickly with fewer steps in my experience.

    With that said I still completely favor PC gaming simply because the additional flexibility that the PC gives you. You can tweak graphics to get better performance, swap out parts to increase your systems gaming capacity, and most importantly do tons of other tasks like video editing or music production on the same system you game on. There is very little downside to having an all in one gaming and production machine, even if it is a greater investment initially.

  • PC/Laptop are way better and can be updraded for better performance!

  • PC gives you whole varieties of things you could do with it not just gaming but even with gaming the choice pool is much bigger than console. But I don't know.. I still like having a console to just play games and games only

  • I hear that dude. I've only dedicated to buying either or when I do like once every 10 years lol but if I could I would get a ps5 too. I cant justify grabbing that and having this legion that can run all the same games. BUT I do want a PS5. That's where I am at about both.

  • Yes I fully agree! I bought a Legion 5 3 years ago. I've wanted something like this beast for ages. I finally got it specifically for low level audio production. Running FL Studio, Video and Picture editing, rendering. I do that and run Game hard on this beast. I would love to split the workload.. I think on one I would use for Studio and the other for Gaming. 

  • I look at it is if you can afford to specialize in gain, console is the way to go, but if you already need the pc you might as well put your money into that

  • pc probably for the other things outside of just gaming