[GOG] Narita Boy

Become symphonic in Narita Boy! A radical action-adventure as a legendary pixel hero trapped as a mere echo within the Digital Kingdom. Discover the mysteries behind the Techno-sword, lock swords with the corrupt and tainted Stallions. Save the world!

This is a story-rich platform Hack and slash. It is a game well worth playing.

Game Giveaway Page: https://www.gog.com/en/game/narita_boy 

Instant Claim link: https://www.gog.com/giveaway/claim

  • Thanks, always need more games.

  • Awesome - I've been waiting for this to go on sale on Switch...no need to do that now! THANK YOU!

  • Thanks :)  I'm always down for a free game.

  • Is this one of those artsy indie games that tries to have a deep story by talking about how depressed the main character is? Because it really looks like that.

  • Got this one earlier today! Thanks.

  • It looks okay, I never liked these super minimalistic jumbo pixel games

  • Thanks! Gog got some great games but with Epic and Steam, I don't really find myself using it so much

  • Cool. I will try this out !   Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks. Anyone play this game before?

  • Thanks That is good to know