What was YOUR 2022 Game of the Year?

What's your personal game of the year for 2022?

End-of-year means it's time to reflect!
What game defined 2022 for YOU? This doesn't have to be a new release - it could be any game you played this year that you loved Slight smile
Tell me why in the comments below, and for a few hours I'll DM keys for "Kitaria Fables" to thoughtful replies! All done for today!

  • I really loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge because it felt so nostalgic to see a new game with them similar to those made by Konami years ago.

    The multiplayer is always something I like in games for play with my friends, also the visual style in pixel art fascinated me and those things combined with a good OST always works to make me love a videogame, no matter if is a AAA or an Indie.

    I even nominated the game for the Steam Awards as my GOTY (⁠^⁠‿⁠^⁠)

  • "Scorn"! It had a good reputation even before its launch, and I played it because I was drawn to its grotesque and unique visuals. The story was very difficult, but I was able to immerse myself in solving various tricks, such as puzzles using corpses. Exploring a terrifying world was so thrilling. Best horror game in my life!

  • Honestly, I'm going to have to go with an oldie, but a goodie. That being Terraria. I hadn't played the game in probably five or six years so there was a bunch of new stuff to do. New bosses, new areas, new story stuff, new items, and more to mess around with and discover for the first time. And of course there was all the older fun stuff still there too. But now the adventuring and base building parts of the game were augmented with all the new enemies and items to encounter and build with. It monopolized my gaming time for over a month and despite that there's still some new stuff I haven't found yet. It really is an amazing game and since it was so long since the last time I played it was almost like a whole new game. Definitely my personal game of the year.

  • It's hard to tell for me, because too many games coming out in this year.

    Absolutely not Pokémon Scarlet/Violet, it's not 100%... I think it's Splatoon 3, it's great painting game. It's fun for everyone, old or young! Smiley

    Hope this count too, it's Nintendo Switch game.

  • My favorite Game this year would have to be My Time at Sandrock. This game is nowhere close to being perfect and is still far from being finished, but it is a drastic improvement from the first title. With so much to do in this game from dungeon crawling to farming things can feel a bit overwhelming. This is a game where you shouldn't try to tackle too much and instead take your time doing tasks step by step. This slow-paced adventure hooked me in and I found myself spending more time on this title than every other AAA game that came out this year. I can't wait for this game to add co-op. 

  • My choose somehow Red Dead Redemption 2, everyone made a meme how realistic and have beautiful graphics the game. But that's not all, when I first finished the game was a huge surprise the game didn't finished yet (I don't want spoilers) so with the varied replay opportunities also a big treat for me.

  • I really got into Real VR Fishing on the Quest 2 this year. I was never a huge fan of VR in the past before given that you needed to be tethered to a pretty high-end computer. But the Quest 2 really change all that by being a standalone system that no longer required you to be connected to a separate computer. I also never thought I would enjoy a fishing game as much as I've loved Real VR Fishing. It's a really relaxing experience traveling the world to all the different fishing locations. And it's also fun to play multiplayer with friends and to also get the opportunity to meet new people throughout the world as well.

  • For 2022 I will say Far Cry 6

  • Elden Ring. FromSoftware made a significant step forward with their souls-like fantasy games. The map is now more open, the enemies variation, more realistic combat. I haven't even mentioned the story how interested me, so with content and graphics the Elden Ring is deserved the Game of the Year nomination!