Favorite Gaming-related Holiday Gift?

What's your favorite gaming-related gift you've ever received? 

If you've never received one or don't celebrate, tell us what gaming system in the past was your overall favorite!
Let me know in the comments below, and for a few hours I'll DM keys for Kitaria Fables to thoughtful replies (All done for today!)
I'll be sending keys to commenters shortly Slight smile

  • free packs from rainbow six siege getting those epic and legendary feels so good 

  • A Diablo 2 Barbarian action figure back in the days the year that game came out. I have still no idea where my brother got it because it was not sold here and Amazon was only selling books at that time. I still have the figure and love it :)

  • Hello Ben , the best gaming related gift which I ever received has to be my first gift - GTA vice city disc , which I have also stored it now till date. I remember playing it back then everyday 3-4 hours a day with my brother and killing cops. It was my first gaming gift given by my uncle and has to say its been the best gift I have ever received , Cheers!

  • Gz for the true winners  Raised hands i didn't get any xD

  • The gift was Stray. What made it so special is that it was the first "no strings attached" gift by a steam friend. Just a random act of kindness that I thought was impossible in this day and age.

  • A new mouse! For my birthday (it was in the holidays) I got a pulse fire haste and honestly it's all I could ever want. It's really great and super light. It has loads of rgb and dpi settings and lots of extra buttons I can bind to anything!

  • My brother and I got Game Boys when they were just released here and we played day and night. We tried to make pizza in the oven multiple times but they turned into coal bricks, haha Good times!

  • "If you've never received one or don't celebrate, tell us what gaming system in the past was your overall favorite!"

  • Not yet, but soon I new mouse and mousepad. Looking to get some premium mousepad and the mouse ''Aria XD7'' wireless, thats my goal of ''gaming-related holiday gift''. Haha, Cheers!

    Edit: Didn't get the game, but congrats for those who got. Cheers folks.

  • Xbox, my very first console given to my as a Xmas present! Had many hours of family fun between me and my Dad, playing Versus mode on Crimson Skies as well as Campaign for the original Halo. Really missed those good old times, I should spend some gaming time with him this Xmas!