Favorite Gaming-related Holiday Gift?

What's your favorite gaming-related gift you've ever received? 

If you've never received one or don't celebrate, tell us what gaming system in the past was your overall favorite!
Let me know in the comments below, and for a few hours I'll DM keys for Kitaria Fables to thoughtful replies (All done for today!)
I'll be sending keys to commenters shortly Slight smile

  • Scum from their giveaways I still could not install it because of my pc but I am sure that one day I will be able to play it and I will be happy, obviously I got more from you guys but I'll keep that one I was really excited to have it in my library thx

  • As kid, i remember waking up one morning to find a SNES under the tree. A gift from the dad. We ended up playing super mario that entire day together. Good ol times.

  • Mine was my DS with Pokemon black I got a gift from my parents, we didn't really have much money at the time so seeing the console during Christmas was an actual surprise, also played so much of pokemon black, I completed its pokedex

  • Last year I got the "winter banana" skin in fortnite, I'm glad it was free for everyone. Now I don't play fortnite but it's still one of my favorite skins. 

  • Probably when I got my first gaming PC over 10 years ago, it introduced me to so many new games that were either not on consoles at all or brought such greater control over how I could play games, from the input method to the ability to mod games. It was such a crazy experience playing games like gmod which I'd never experienced anything like before (probably the closest consoles had to such a game at that time was something like LittleBigPlanet).

  • My lenovo gaming laptop I went from playing games at low settings 30fps to ultra settings with unlimited fps a true game changing experience 

  • My friend give me a PAYDAY 2 steam gift so we can play together, and of course it so much fun playing with him. I will give him back my favorite which is Project Zomboid. Hope he like it!

  • When I was a kid I was using those office keyboard and did not see whats wrong. Later on wanted to try a better keyboard, but at the time I did not know what was mechanical or any of the terms and to my luck I got a good membrane keyboard (for christmas) for decent price. It was right for me, liked the spoonge like keys and it was quiet, Im now using a mech but I can go back to it any day.

    • Has to be my first pc given by my parents on the eve of my birthday when I was around 10 years old .That pc holds a special place in my heart 
  • At first... I don't like receiving gifts without good reason (Christmas is not a good reason, don't ask).

    I like cute things, like cats, small plushies or even anime girls. What else could be cute? Slimes! No? Yes, I was really excited about Slime Rancher.

    My online friend noticed that and bought me that. At first I was angry at her. I wasn't getting much money at the time, so... Some of us know how it is. After hard negotiate with her, she persuade me to claim Slime Rancher steam gift. It even has special event on Christmas!

    Game for now is finished, all achievements obtained and I think about buying for myself Slime Rancher 2. But it's not the same vibe.

    Unfortunately I lost contact with that friend. I only know that she's fine.