Favorite Gaming-related Holiday Gift?

What's your favorite gaming-related gift you've ever received? 

If you've never received one or don't celebrate, tell us what gaming system in the past was your overall favorite!
Let me know in the comments below, and for a few hours I'll DM keys for Kitaria Fables to thoughtful replies (All done for today!)
I'll be sending keys to commenters shortly Slight smile

  • One of my favorite gifts was a MAC, although it doesn't look like it, I know it's not good for games as such but they gave it to me in 2010, the gift was not bad at all, it came included with a DVD of a game I don't remember well ( I think it was the 3 Grand Theft Auto or The Sims 3) and I spent hours and hours with it until I had a better PC, I still keep it and I'm a little fond of it because if it wasn't for that MAC, I wouldn't have been interested video games on pc...

  • Unique Legion Mouse Mat! I'm pretty sure it's the only gaming related gift I've ever received, so that makes picking the right one easy. But even so, it makes it all the more important. Everyone gets lucky eventually! 

  • i spend too much time with PS1 and Atari but if i choose it will be definitely PS1 100 Slight smile

  • Related to games? Hmmm... Just the other day I was given a gaming laptop (Lenovo Legion) in honor of my birthday (1st December, guys). Why is this so important to me? Just because I've never had my personal laptop. Soon I'm going to start developing in the field of programming and game development. And, of course, I will play on my new powerful laptop, because before I could not play games released after 2014. And right now I'm enjoying the vastness of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Got a gamecube one Christmas and got to play with my siblings all season!

  • I recently started with Steam and it's not like I used it for the time I have, and one day a friend gave me the Goat Simulator, I already knew what it was like and such, but I never gave it a chance, so I started playing it and I loved it, I spent hours and hours causing chaos around goatville, so it is in my opinion my favorite gift I have received in a long time.

  • I used to use a laptop for gaming which literally had no GPU in it. It ran with an IGPU and it obviously didn't support a lot of games, especially the modern ones. One fine day, my parents decided to gift me a Gaming laptop and boy trust me when I say this, I was literally filled with Joy. Seeing a game run in 60 FPS with no lag or anything was like living a dream. I was so happy omg, I could finally play whatever game I wanted. This is by far, the best gaming-related gift I got! Plus my parents gave it to me hence it obviously has some sentimental value attached to it <3

  • My all time best gaming related product has to be a wireless controller given to me by my school friends

  • Left 4 Dead 2, it's definitely one of my favorite games and it's much funnier multiplayer, in this case, my brother because he was the one that gave me the game. I almost forgot, I also love the tons of mods that exist in the steam workshop.

  • I remember when I was young all of my mates at school had the ps2, so, of course, I asked my parents for it and they said no. After that for a whole year I kept asking, directly and indirectly, for it. And, finally, after I got really good grades that year, they got it for me. After that, I played the *** out of that console, every thay after school and on the weekends I would invite my cousins to play together, To this day is the system I have used the most by far.