What's your most-anticipated game in 2023?

What new 2023 game are you most looking forward to?

Last night at The Game Awards, we got tons of updates on new games coming 2023 like Zelda, Starfield, Diablo, Hades 2, and more.
What game are you personally most excited for in 2023, and why?
Let me know in the comments below, and for a few hours I'll DM keys for "Kitaria Fables" to thoughtful replies!
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  • Hi,I want to try elden ring game of the year steam they tell me it's beautiful or god of war ragnarok for playstation 5 I'm undecided....ah I forgot Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales always for ps5 ..

  • I am between 3 games, this Resident Evil 4, the remake of Silent Hill 2 and the remake of Dead Space, all 3 seem like good games to me and 2 of them make me happy that they have returned because they were sagas that were unknown for a long time (although of Dead Space would have preferred a fourth installment) I just hope all 3 games turn out well this coming year

  • I am waiting resident evil 4 remake because when I started playing resident evil 4 original my favorite game. It gives me really gaming experience.  I am exciting to see what changes are done in remake. 

  • Mine is Stalker 2 but I doubt that it will truly see a release in 2023 although the date is set to Dec 2023. At the moment I am rather worried if the game will come out at all considering work conditions for the employees of GSC. The second place game I am most exited is probably also a lost cause - Vampire The Maskerade 2 Slight smile

  • After the game awards show last night I have more games that I'm looking forward to! So it's gonna be hard to choose just one. :D One game I'm looking forward to from the show is Wayfinder. I signed up for the beta last night after it was announced. It's an MMO RPG game from the developers from The Ruined King and Darksiders. I was surprised to see it was published by D.E (the devs who made Warframe). The first closed beta is in a few days so I hope I get in! Eventually it'll be a free to play game when it comes out, since the devs mentioned in the F.A.Q on their site they like D.E's monetization for Warframe. I look forward to playing the game with friends and fight bosses with them. 

    Other than Wayfinder, some other highlights for me was Judas, Returnal coming to PC, and the hide and seek DLC for Among Us. :D There was so much crammed into the show that I'm probably forgetting some others.

    I'd love to hear what everyone else was excited about from the game awards.

  • For me it's the just released God of war Ragnarok. Hope to get this game to a little bit lower price. Seems that the game is better than the the first part and was allready a great game 

  • One game I've been looking forward to for awhile is Hogwarts Legacy. I would love to play in the Harry Potter universe. When it was first announced I was really hoping it would be an MMO or co-op game so I could experience the world with others but sadly it's only a single player game. The game still looks beautiful though and magical! It's set to release in February so we're getting close to playing it. 

  • I am equally excited for Hades 2, Dead Space, and hopefully Judas. I have high expectations for the narrative in Hades 2 to be the best of 2023. I am excited to experience the changes made to Dead Space and hopefully, they build on the experience to make a more iconic game. I just love the Bioshock series so I just want to play Judas. 

  • The son of the forest. I love the original game (inmerse in all aspect with terror  but your goal to save your son) and now they will extend the story of the game with more islands, new weapons and enemies. 

  • Next year there will be many great games on the market, but I'm already looking forward to the remake of Resident Evil 4. 
    In the first trailers for the game you could already see that this time everything will be a little darker than in the original , new game mechanics, revised gameplay in a positive sense, from the first impression it will be a fantastic game that you should definitely play next year!