(Ended) [Quick Giveaway] Spare Keys from Prime Gaming for GOG

Hello everyone!

I have spare keys from Prime Gaming and since I already have these, I would like to share the spare keys with y'all.

It is going to be first come first serve. Please respond to this post with the name of the game you would like to have and make sure to add me as a friend (or allow private messages from everyone) if you are certain that you are the first one who responded to this post for that game so I can DM you the key.

STAR WARS Battlefront II (Classic, 2005)

Call of Juarez

The Lullaby of Life

Thank you!

  • Hello, I would like a key of Call of Juarez if possible. Thanks in advance!

  • Offline in reply to Carl B.

    Hello Carl! Sent the key via DM! Have fun!

  • I would like the Star Wars Battlefront II, please.

  • The Lullaby of Life, please.


  • I'll take the STAR WARS Battlefront II if it hasn't been given out yet. Thanks in advance!

  • Just want to say, thank you for sharing with the community!

  • Always great to see the sharing that goes on in this group. Really nice.

  • Thank you so much for your kindness.  I'm always happy to see people giving away keys.

  •  Very generous of.you,!

  • Than you for the generosity! Anybody else has games from Prime Gaming?