What will be the first thing you download on your new legion laptop if you win a giveaway?

Personally, I would get steam and Spotify right away. Just quick entertainment and I can easily download games. How about you?

  • Definitely steam then tarkov and call of duty

  • The essentials ofcourse, then I'd want to test out the remake of Witcher 3 wild hunt;  since Henry Cavil is no longer playing the role on the Netflix show.

  • Steam - so my kids can download all of their favorite games

  • Chrome, Youtube, Steam, Discord, Epic Games

  • Firefox, then Steam, then putty, git and gvim.

  • I would download world of warcraft!

    • Frist activate the window than game app to play games. 
  • the numerous games i have been collecting over the years but didn't have the hardware to play