New Group - Welcome to the "Freebies" group!

Welcome to the Freebies group!

This new group is a space to discuss weekly active giveaways, contests, and other rewards on the Legion Gaming Community.

This group goes hand-in-hand with the Quests page. The Quests page will show you all active perks, and let you participate in them. The Freebies group is where you can discuss the active Quests, and give us feedback on what we're doing/ideas you have.

Let's start with a question: what has your favorite wallpaper been so far?

  • Definitely the Snowflake! My girls are all Frozen fans and they get excited every time they see it 

  • easily the legion ravin one, the lighting on it is great 

  • The Legion cave-like wallpaper was nice to have as my background 

  • Outrun because it's got purple Smiley