Giveaway Discussion - Bomb Bots Arena

Announcing our first in-game item giveaway!


We're thrilled to be launching out first game partnership giveaway with Bomb Bots Arena and the team at Tiny Roar.

Bomb Bots Arena is a multiplayer competitive arena game on PC & mobile platforms.

For our first sweepstakes, you can enter to win an in-game ticket item!


With this item, you can do one of two things:

1. Use it to enter our special Lenovo tournament in-game, and compete to win up to $100 in Steam gift cards.

2. Exchange your ticket for other in-game items.


Dates for the Lenovo tournament: 

  • Saturday, February 6th, 6 PM AET (Australian Eastern Time, Australia)
    • 9AM CET
  • Saturday, February 6th, 6 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time, United Kingdom)
    • 7PM CET
  • Saturday, February 6th, 2 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time, USA)
    • 11PM CET


Keep an eye out for more weekly giveaways ramping up throughout February and March!

We're on a mission to hook up Legion Members each week with new exclusive perks Slight smile

What are your thoughts on this contest?

  • Yes, I like the game. It is peculiar.