What's Your Comfort Game? ("Spirit of the Island" Keys)

What's your "Comfort" game?

Is there a game that you always come back to playing? What's your most-replayed game? Or, what game is always great to play when you're stressed out?
Let me know in the comments below, and in a few hours I'll DM keys for "Spirit of the Island" to thoughtful replies (All done for today!)

  • My favourite Comfort game would be Animal crossing. I play it like every week since it's just such and awesome and relaxing game. I believe this game is very similar to that game but I have yet to play it. Thanks for the giveaway Ben

  • Ever since Starcraft 2 introduced their coop mode, that's been my comfort game. At normal difficulty the game is very low stress, yet it keeps your mind engaged. I find myself coming back to it whenever I want to game and have less than 30min. With friends or just matchmaking – amass a massive army and just go crazy with the cool/fun bonuses that each commander gives, definitely recommend.

  • My favorite comfort game is gotta be red dead redemption 2 the story the graphic it's truly a masterpiece I have been escaping reality for a while all thanks to this very game it's like a book you can play it over and over again without being bored 

  • My comfort game is Fortnite! Overwatch 2 would be a close second choice! Both are free to play! Fortnite is easy to get back into, despite the new weapons/old weapons being vaulted. Easy concept to win, and best to play with a group of friends/or with a random squad! Think its the non-realistic gameplay that makes the game great to play when stressed out, and I get great performance while playing (compared to other AAA games)! 

  • My "comfort" game is Stardew Valley, since it relaxes me much working on my farm in this nice oldscholl pixel graphics. Also I enjoy that you can either follow the Story or just work on your farm like in sandbox games.

  • Haydehoo! ^^

    I still remember first time I've played Super Mario 64 as soon as it was released on Nintendo 64; one of my friends even reminded me that I've predicted few years before, a Super Mario game to be released in 3D!

    It's such a relaxing game from the second you place the cartridge and hold the paddle, you can't stop jumping all over the green grace collecting stars, discovering a new dimension of play thanks to the camera with the classic Mario music in the background. I classify it as an ASMR game Slight smile

    In my opinion, a Mario game is the best stress free game and I never be enough thankful for what Nintendo made of it until now.

    Waiting to discover it on theaters this year! Youhoo! ^^

  • My Favourite Comfort game is valorant as i am playing in many tourneys with my freinds so its funs actually and also the best tactical shooter game till now that i liked so play valorant everytime i get bored happy sad etc so its my comofrt game

  • My most comfort or go to game when I'm stressed out is Stray, The game atmosphere and mechanics is a total stress buster for me and as a cat lover , I like playing it and already have finished it thrice!

  • Without a doubt, the game I've played the most and always come back to (and always discover something interesting new) is Path of Exile. At some point there will be a second part after all these years, but it's amazing how much content the developers have made available without having to pay a cent for it. Since you are not forced to play PvP, the whole thing is really very relaxing. Slight smile

  • It's hard pick, but I think I would would pick Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky. It kept me very much distracted in the months following the diagnosis of an incurable progressive condition, and was the perfect game for that purpose: it required enough thought to distract me from things, but not enough enough that it was too difficult for me to play. I think I will probably get bashed for this, but I prefer Pokemon Mystery Dungeon to the mainline Pokemon games.