Why don't more people game on Legion laptops?

I have found that I can run almost any game I want to for a dang good price on a machine. What makes people want to invest so much in all the fancy computer parts and lights when you can't even take it anywhere?

  • I know for my part, I've historically gone with desktops because they have a longer life than the equivalent laptop. And you can more easily swap out components on your own if you've got some level of computer building knowledge. The portability of laptops is definitely an advantage though, and there is not the gaming power difference that there used to be, where you had to settle for less on a laptop than you could get on a desktop. Definitely makes me consider a Legion laptop as my next gaming machine replacement.

  • I'm sure there are a decent bit given that the product still is but there are many options; Many different projects, and with different marketing twists... I however am not one for leds I go price/performance with any electeonics devices. It's hard to find... You've got to get a protect base with customers who trust you and want more of what'd being sold. Sure we can buy things on a flim but you can't be sure what you'll get if you haven't had something similar.

    And jsat on the laptop basis the mobility is great but not so much for upgrading or customizing which can save money over time.

  • People have their own preferences position and placement of peripherals. Anyway. desktop for sure outmatch laptop for thermal and computing power.

  • Desktops have a longer lifespan because it is easier to replace and upgrade parts. If you are going for your first PC there are benefits and drawbacks for both a laptop and a tower. It really comes down to your own personal circumstances. I for one bought a desktop first before a laptop. 

  • Prolly b/c its not getting enough recognition compared to other brands lol. I didnt even know Lenovo made gaming laptop lol.

  • My desktop is getting old (just turned 6 years old) and I’m definitely considering a laptop for my next system (and specifically a Legion laptop). I know you can get more power in a desktop, but the laptops are still quite powerful, and I think the portability would be really fun to have.