What game has some of your favorite visuals? ("NecroBouncer" Keys)

What game has some of your favorite visuals?

In celebration of "NecroBouncer," we're talking gaming art/visual design today.
Whether you're into pixel art, photorealism, abstract design or something else - what game visually stands out to you?

Let me know in the comments below, and in a few hours I'll DM Steam keys for "NecroBouncer" to thoughtful replies! (All done for today!)

- Please use at least 200 characters in your reply
- Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
- Share some details; what specific visual elements make the game so interesting?
- We've wrapped up keys for today! Be on the lookout for more coming soon.

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky has my favorite visuals ever! The pixel art is very nostalgic to me every time I see it I go back to the moment I first beat the game as a kid! The warm hue of the pixels in treasure town made it feel so inviting! Same goes for the other areas where the color reflects the feel of the story being told there!

  • I really love how it looks Okami after so many years. The way it simulates acuarela paintings it's so beautiful.

    Other games I like are those that uses cell shading like Jet Set Radio or Beautyful Joe.

    And last but no least I love every game that uses pixel art, specially if are games from the third or fourth generation of consoles.

  • My favorite visuals design would be Control. That whole world inside The Oldest House was fascinating. The huge spaces inside and the brutalist architecture would make you feel tiny and crushed by the weight of it. I could not stop playing until I finished it.

  • The game that immediately pops to mind is a puzzle game The Witness. The game takes place on this beautiful island full of nature and lots of amazing views. The graphics are kind of cartoony, but generally quite detailed and everything in the game is full of colors. The environments are just so relaxing to look at and navigate, and some of the puzzles themselves are essentially embedded in the nature. As in, if you look at the world from just the right angle, a puzzle pattern pops out that you can complete -- that's not something I encountered in many games and I found that to be very cool.

  • GRIS is the game that has the best visuals I have ever seen in any game. The effort and beauty of the hand-drawn watercolor illustrations leaves a lasting impression. This game uses a simple and symmetric design to create a cleanly designed world. As the protagonist moves through different stages the grey world will be colored by watercolor blotches. It is through these visuals that we can understand the loss and grief our protagonist is experiencing. 

  • I wasn't into pixel art graphics games until I discovered Warpips and to me this has the best looking pixelated graphics - Everything starting from explosions, gun fire and map design which is very simple looks good and the advantage of pixel art is that games will be able to run on older computers.
    Also today's indie game looks great and I've realized the effort put through just by a single dev which makes me appreciate it even more, the game idea is  very simple and not very complicated, offers replayability and it is fun.
  • I really like cel-shaded games like XIII, Jet Set Radio, Killer Is Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Furi and Sable (really hard to pick one, i probably forgot to mention plenty of other games). XIII was one of my first cel-shaded games, and those games tend to age well, also visuals are nice and quite unique.

  • Final Fantasy 6! Monsters, dungeons, cities, etc. are made with very detailed pixel art that fuses mechanical civilization and the world view of the Middle Ages. The design of the statue that climbs up to the last boss Kefka is unique and very impressive. From FF7, it will be 3D, but FF6 is my favorite graphic in the series. Pixel Remastered has also been released, but I like the graphics of the original version.

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice for me. The visuals and light effects are changing the game from a peaceful mood to an anxious mood within a second and back again. I never experienced that in another game. The animation of Senua's face is one of the best I have ever seen in a game - Melina Juergens did a great job. The celtic setting is also a big positive aspect.

  • Currently, I'm addicted to the immersive experiences in VR. I think the visual design of Real VR Fishing is one of my favorites. I love traveling the world to all the different photo-realistic fishing locations to go fishing and then add the fish into one of my aquariums in my fishing lodge. The photorealism visual design definitely adds to the immersive experience. It's also fun to then go find the locations in the game on Google Earth to see how close they actually match. I can't wait to visit one of the locations for real one day! Especially some of the locations in Hawaii! I doubt I'll have as much luck catching those Great White Sharks though...