Game Key Sweepstakes winners!

I checked who won the last sweepstakes, you know what I noticed, the same winners!
How is this possible? You can check it out yourself!

Necrobouncer - Game Key Sweepstakes

Biped - Game Key Sweepstakes

Spirit of the Island - Game Key Sweepstakes

Look at the names of the winners: Jesus R, Kevin T, Gregory S, Eduardo P, Kenny K Max B, and others. And the numbers of the winners are thousand numbers, and the winners are the same.

  • You have to do every option available, especially the dailies to have a really good chance of getting a key from the sweepstakes. Other than that luck plays the most important part. 

  • I try really hard to make sure I don't miss a day!

  • Hey L.D! Yep, we get a lot of repeat winners for these - which is intentional! The contests are setup to reward the members who are most active, you can really increase your odds by leaving comments as entries on posts each day Slight smile

  • well congrats to the lucky repeat winners, it's all good as long as they're not alt-accounts or cheating, gg

  • i.e. it must be a new forum comment for every new entry - not just One old comment to rule them all, right?

  • Yeah, the total entries are around 3500 and I'll usually have over 300 entries, if memory serves. Having nearly 10% of the entries is helpful. I haven't won every one of these, but I've won quite a few. I don't think that many people enter, or know, especially compared to Alienware, where I've never been able to get anything (hey, I'm a dad and can't spend a lot of money on games, so I enter a lot of these). If you want a tip, I bookmark it and leave it on my bookmark bar so it's visible and I'm less likely to forget to enter every day. 

  • I one won 1 of the 3. only 2 did I really try to win.

  • Yes. Has to be new comments every time. Can not be the same one lol. That is just being extra lazy. Fun lil fact since I am commenting and replying. this counts LOL. Rofl