What's your favorite simulation game? ("Train Valley 2" Keys)

What's your favorite "sim" type game?

In celebration of "Train Valley 2," we're talking all about simulation games this week.
These days there are simulation games for everything - The Sims, Flight Sim, Farming Sim, PC Building Sim, even Goat Sim!
Which one is your favorite and why? If you haven't played any, what's an idea for a new sim game that you would love?

Let me know in the comments below, and in a few hours I'll DM Steam keys for "Train Valley 2" to thoughtful replies! All done for today!

- Please use at least 200 characters in your reply
- Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
- Share some details; what specific elements or memories make the game so great?
- We've wrapped up keys for the day. Stay tuned for more special discussions each week!

  • I feel that one of my favorite simulation games has to be Stardew Valley. It just has a very fun and repeatable concept of planting, replanting and slowly improving your farm. Plus there’s so much more to do in the game such as mining and meeting everyone in the valley!

  • I really like the classic city sims, though they can get a bit complicated.  I also really am enjoying Ixiom, which is like a city space station sim like Startopia was 

  • My present favorite would be powerwash simulator as I find the ASMR and how calm and relaxing the gameplay is so relaxing for me - There is really no way to mess up AND OMG at how it feeds my OCD w/o actually getting wet or dirty haha.  I also love the fact that anyone can play it such as with a gf or even your kids or nieces/nephews :)

  • i would say my favorite sim game is PC Building Simulator because it's fun and educational simulation game where players build and manage their own PC repair business. From assembling components to diagnosing faults, players get a hands-on experience of the workings of a PC. With realistic graphics and engaging gameplay, it is a great way to learn about computer hardware in a fun and interactive environment.

  • Of course it's "The Long Dark". This is just a masterpiece of survival simulators. Tried others, but they are not comparable with this game. Everything is wonderful here: from the crafting system and searching loot in various lockers to shooting and hunting animals. And the specific graphics only enhance the effect of enjoyment from being in this game. All this is accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack. The game has everything you need, except for summer. =) When this game appeared in Steam, I immediately bought it. This was in 2014. And I still play it, because the developers have not abandoned it and are constantly adding a lot of new things to it. Looking forward to episode 5 of the story mode.

  • Assetto Corsa Competizione is an amazing sim racing game in any aspect. I wish I have a proper sim rig and pc to play it Cry

  • I really enjoy Train Valley 2 when I've played it before. It is a very chill relaxing train management sim in my opinion as you can pause anytime you need to. In terms of my favorite sim if it counts it would have to be No Man's Sky, since I love exploring and building bases. For actual sim games though I've had fun with multiple versions of The Sims through the years, and with PC Builder Sim and Car Mechanic Sim more recently.

  • My favorite simulation game is city car driving,it rather looks dated but the alcohol simulation,agression settings all are so fun and relatable,also you can add your own cars through modding which i find awesome,great value on sale,i recommend it

  • I don't normally play sim games. Assuming building a city in Age of Empires doesn't count, it should be now! A medieval SimCity... anyone? I like building for longer periods than my enemies would likeSweat smile in the game Sweat smile

  • As a player of Goat Simulator, I can attest to its nostalgic appeal and why it remains a beloved video game to this day.

    One reason is its playful and absurd approach to simulation games. In a world where simulation games tend to take themselves seriously, Goat Simulator offers a refreshing and lighthearted take on the genre. The game's focus on causing as much destruction and mayhem as possible with a goat character provides a sense of nostalgia for the classic sandbox games of the past, such as Grand Theft Auto and Mercenaries.

    Another factor that contributes to the game's nostalgic feel is its nod to early 2000s internet culture. The game's humor and self-awareness of its own absurdity is reminiscent of the type of humor that was popularized by websites such as Newgrounds and College Humor in the early 2000s. This type of humor, along with the game's retro-style graphics, provides a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time when internet culture was still in its infancy.

    Goat Simulator is a great video game because it provides a unique and entertaining gaming experience that is both nostalgic and fun. Whether you're a fan of simulation games, sandbox games, or just appreciate absurd humor, Goat Simulator is a game that is definitely worth checking out. Its humor, playful approach, and a nod to early 2000s internet culture make it a nostalgic and enjoyable game that continues to be a fan favorite to this day.