How would you use your new giveaway machine?

I'm personally going to use it for gaming and any side projects I have. 

  • I would like to try out game streaming. 

  • I’m excited to get back to gaming.  Haven’t had a non-Mac in a long time.  I’ve been watching laptop review videos and I really like what I see with the Legion laptops.  Having never owned one and only just monkeying with it one at Best Buy, a giveaway would be awesome.

  • Homework, work, projects, and self enrichment and solving world hunger. Obviously. There's nothing else it'd be good for.

  • Excited to try out gaming with it! My last laptop ran pretty hot, so hoping that this one would be better.

  • To relax a lot man. Literally gaming and music binging! 

  • Gaming and software development using Rust.

  • There's a high likelihood that I'll give it to my best friend who's getting into gaming. I want her to have every single opportunity to game effectively and enjoyably. Honestly, I couldn't ask for more. I have everything I need to game and she doesn't. Whether or not I win this giveaway, I'll try my damndest to give her the best experience.

  • I use it for both school works and gaming.

  • Gaming and graphic designing

  • Primarily education (programming and graphic design practice) and plenty of gaming - I would finally be able to play all my games without performance-related restrictions : )