What's your favorite April Fools (or other funny) gaming event?

Lots of games these days incorporate an April Fools event each year as part of a content update.

Which game event was the funniest/most fun for you, and what made it so great?
(It doesn't NEED to be April Fools specifically - could just be a funny update, glitch, event, etc.)

Let me know in the comments below, and sometime around 4pm EST I'll DM keys for Midnight Ghost Hunt to thoughtful members' replies (All done for today!)

- Please use at least 200 characters in your reply
- Tell us WHY you loved the funny event - do you have a story about that day? Did you play with friends? etc?
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  • For me, the April's fools that has got everyone and was really funny was Half-life 3 release. I think that if Valve is ever going to release that, they should announce on April first just to make fun and then they go: "No, it's for real this time, we are doing it". That would blow everyone's mind. What do you think?

    PS: The most recent Pokemon games released full of bugs generated a ton of great memes too!  Rofl

  • Playing TF2 honestly just has some funny events to it. Whether it's the funny ragdolls or the whole server going friendly. And some of my favorite times are just messing around in the game and deciding to do stupid things like being a fat scout or being an observer spy. I also have enjoyed watching content creators do funny or creative things through TF2 and then imitating it with friends and finding enjoyment there.

  • OMG spelunky 2 was an awesome game. It is so wild and EVERY run of the game is just so wild and random it's super fun. I've had infinitely more fun playing this game than I did with Spelunky HD, which is really saying something considering how great the first game was. This game takes all the flaws with the first game, fixes them, and adds 400% more content. Everything about this game is extremely smooth feeling, especially the movement patterns of the player and the enemies. Making progress feels like a major victory- even if it's just by one level- and failing almost always feels like my fault instead of the game's, motivating me to play more and more. I couldn't ask for a better sequel to the first Spelunky.

  • I haven't been paying much attention to stunts like this but I kinda got into watching a streamer play LoL (Though his time is super limited now so no streams lately ;) ) but I hear they have a fun one dreamed up for tomorrow I kinda want to see.

  • The Yakuza Like a Dragon prank should be mentioned because it literally changed the course of development! Devs out out a gameplay trailer showing turn based combat expecting to be like ha ha april fools...and then reaction to it was so positive they literally scrapped their entire brawler combat system and hurried to develop the turn based gameplay that we got. Not bad for a prank! Also: totally would get strobimg hair because that would be amazing.

  • Never had a chance to experience April fools events in game because of low end hardware. But now that I've got a decent pc, I'm ready to go into my first ever April fools event( hope rockstar does it in gta 5/online)

  • Oh my god, the Apex Legends April Fools' event where we got to shoot Nessie's with Mozambiques was the best thing ever! I loved it so much.

    For those who don't know, Nessie is a little Loch Ness Monster plushie that appears in various locations on the maps in Apex Legends. During the event, if you shot Nessie with a Mozambique, it would explode in a shower of confetti and a voice would say "You monster!"

    It was so satisfying to shoot those little Nessie's with the Mozambique. It felt like I was getting revenge for all the times they've been watching me from the sidelines, mocking me with their cute little faces. Plus, the confetti explosion was just pure joy. It never got old.

    But it wasn't just the silly fun of shooting Nessie's that made the event so great. It was also the sense of community that it created. Everyone was running around trying to find Nessie's and shoot them, and it was a great way to bond with other players.

    I also loved how Respawn incorporated a little bit of lore into the event. The voice that said "You monster!" was actually a reference to a character named Wattson, who has a special connection to Nessie in the game's lore.

    It was silly, fun, and brought the community together. I hope they bring it back this year!

  • One of the most memorable was Google's "Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge" in 2014, which invited players to hunt for virtual Pokémon using Google Maps. Players could explore the world map and catch a total of 150 Pokémon. This event was particularly enjoyable for fans of the franchise, who enjoyed seeing the popular game integrated with Google Maps. While the prank itself wasn't particularly groundbreaking, it was a fun way to celebrate April Fools' Day.

  • My fav moment will be when there were rumors about gta 6 releasing last year but we all got fooled again by rockstar Joy