What's your favorite gaming franchise/series? (Madshot: Road to Madness Keys)

What's your favorite gaming franchise/series?

There are so many amazing franchises in gaming (meaning: games with multiple entries in a series).
If you had to pick a single game series as your favorite, which would you pick? Also - which title in that series is your single favorite?

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- Share some details; why does your favorite franchise/series resonate with you so much? Memories? Other specific elements?
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  • Of course, this is Half-Life. The plot is just wonderful. When I started playing the game in 1998, I was just in awe of what was going on in it. And the gameplay, and locations, everything about it is wonderful. There were so many new and unusual things in this game, just a brain explosion. Only one G-man. Who is he, what is he thinking? And what about network game? I played in computer clubs with friends and I remember it for a long time, because. it's an unforgettable experience.

  • I would say that atm Dark Souls is my favorite franchise and the best entry would be the latest one aka Dark Souls (Remastered). You never know what's around the next corner and I always want to see everything there is, thus death becomes a very regular visitor. If there will ever come a new entry to Elden Ring, then I'll change my answer. ^^ Souls like are my jam, the harder the better.

  • My favorite series is resident evil because they are amazing game, stories. Horror environment, puzzle everything is amazing. Every game and their story are so nice. Character are also so amazing. My favorite character is leon s Kennedy. 

  • assassins creed as to be my favorite really like the concept but but didnt really liked the new games i hope assassin's creed mirage is good 

  • My favorite game right now is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! It has a complex storyline and the open world is just remarkable. After 100 hours of gameplay, I am still running around the world, finding more mysteries and puzzles all over the place. I have loved all Zelda games and my favorite was Ocarina of Time for over a decade, but BOTW finally beats Ocarina of Time as best Zelda game in my opinion!!! I am super excited for the sequel to come out this summer, highly recommend checking out Breath of the Wild if you already haven't!

  • Pft that is easy man. Final Fantasy franchise and to be specific, Final Fantasy 14. So many open areas, floating islands, tropical places, underwater palaces and so much more. The stories and sidequest are almost never ending. Always something to do with casual or hardcore endgame gameplay. The ability to craft all your equipment from scratch is nice as well the gathering for materials.  And if I get tired of all the activities... I go to gold saucer to play minigames for points to buy unique gear, minions and mounts. Can never go wrong with Final Fantasy games. Crossed swords 

  • Street Fighter V is my favorite entry in the series because it is the most accessible and user-friendly game in the franchise. The game's simplified inputs and robust tutorial system make it easy to learn and play, while its excellent online matchmaking system makes it easy to find opponents of a similar skill level. I also enjoy the game's diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique playstyle. Overall, I think Street Fighter V is a great game that is perfect for both casual and competitive players.

  • My Favorite Gaming Frantrize would have to be LEGO series becuase it fits with older and younger genrations and there is so manny cool things yo ucan build with the lego. I personal like it buease i played it with LEGO Batman video games with my sister and that's what personaly got me and my sister into game. The Charm of the Charthers and the Puzzle are easy enof that adults and kids can enjoy. The other things aobut it I like is that LEGO games can be adpoted to just about any IP under the sun. Also with LEGO the is one sandbox game LEGO Worlds which is clsoe thing we will get to LEGO Minecraft. They have game for just aobut anything thing you can image they probly made a game about it

  • There are just so many franchises that are so good and stay with you through the years!  But if I had to pick one now it would be the Diablo franchise, especially since the recent D4 beta was pretty awesome and I can't wait to get started on the game when it launches.  I love that the gameplay has remained pretty consistent through the decades and also the storyline is progressive and continues the story of Sanctuary.  Its also great that the last two entries in the series started to have seasons and you could just play over and over with new objectives every season in a never ending quest for loot just the way a Diablo game should be!

  • The dynamic duo of Ellie and Joel is one of the key reasons why I consider The Last of Us one of the best video game series. Their relationship is not always easy, but it is genuine and compelling. Joel is a tough survivor who has seen the worst of humanity, while Ellie is a young girl who has only known the world after the outbreak. Their different perspectives and personalities create a dynamic that is both interesting and emotional. The recent TV show really enhanced the relationship between them and we got some small details that added to the world building.

    My personal favorite chapter would have to be the winter section in the first game. Without spoiling anything for those that still haven't played it, the climax of the winter section involves a brutal battle that is both challenging and emotionally charged. Ellie must fight to protect herself and survive against overwhelming odds. This creates a sense of desperation and sacrifice that resonates with the player long after the scene has ended.