Laptop Giveaways?

I am a big fan of Lenovo products. I am interested in getting a free laptop, to upgrade my current one with a better Lenovo product. Are there any good giveaways that I can look for? Thank you all for any help, this is my first post in a Community Forum.

  • Here's one:

    These are the specs: 

    • 12th Generation Intel® CoreTm i7-12700H Processor
    • NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTm 3060 Laptop GPU 6GB GDDR6
    • 16 GB DDR5-4800MHz (SODIMM) (2 x 8 GB)
    • 2 TB PCIe SSD Gen4 (2 x 1 TB)
    • 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080), IPS, 300 nits, 165Hz, LED Display

      Hopefully this would be an upgrade from your current laptop :)
  • Lenovo has monthly giveaways.

  • Every month lenovo giveaway laptop try your luck. Good luck. 

  • I need a laptop, I wish to win it, But Good luck to everyone.

  • Nope there's none here. Thanks for the 5 entires.

  • I agree with some here, these laptop giveaway's from here, are great, one other place sometimes has them, it's,

  • Someone stole my IdeaPad 81MV Intel 7 right out of my house. I only used it a handful of times. Its unreal. I cant even believe it. So yea, i would like to win also. Good Luck to you

  • I don't know of specific Lenovo laptop giveaways, but if you google sweepstakes sites or giveaway sites, there are tons of giveaway sites you could check.  Giveaways are always changing and being updated on a daily basis.  There are usually quite a few laptop giveaways each month, though I don't know that they are necessarily Lenovo.  If you are looking to get something for free, I would suggest not being too picky about the brand you are trying to win and just enter every laptop giveaway you can find.  No guarantees you will win, but you can't win if you don't enter and if you end up getting something for free, I would say be satisfied with an upgrade of any brand.

  • The monthly giveaways here are a start.  If you have a business or education related need to join those Lenovo forums, they do giveaways as well.