April 2023 Legion 5i Laptop Giveaway — Peak Total Entries hits 221,928!

I will share more on this topic.  For now, I am just getting the discussion rolling. 

   is well aware of this and he is mitigating the issue.  More or less, I have decided that he is an honest actor — doing the best he can with the tools at his disposal.

Here is a (partial) screenshot of the (bonkers) total entries (before mitigated by BenG): 221,928 at 10:01 on 04-MAY-2023

You can see the current total, by visiting the Win a Legion 5i Laptop - April 2023 Giveaway page.

UPDATE: The ultimate "total" entries = 125,106

I meant to check this after midnight, but I fell asleep before that.  And, so far, this has been a very difficult morning for me.

My final sample has the date-time 08-MAY-2023 09:04 (EDT; UTC -4:00):

Most likely, BenG is currently separating the wheat — from an avalanche of chaff.

Please... keep him away from sharp objects.  Consider confiscating his belt and shoe laces.  He can have them back when it's over. Worried

  • Hmm, I see about half the amount of entries that you see. 121,822 at 2:51 pm pst on May 5th

    From what is shown the bot safety measures seem to be doing their job. Even if it takes some time. I have no doubt that the winner will also be vetted by Ben.

  • Anytime someone is giving something valuable away, this kind of stuff happens. Just part of the game.

  • Hmm..., I just thought that the giveaway got really popular suddenly.  These PC and laptop giveaways seem to attract a lot of attention and participants.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous in reply to Kevin T.

    How do you get so many entries?  I do it every day and only have 150 or so.

  • Yes.  Did you read the text I posted?  Or did you just look at the image?

       was on this — like a dog at a meat-packing plant.  He removed many (but, not all) invalid entries, within 80 minutes.  I believe he and I are on good terms, now¹.  Mostly, thanks to his patience.  But, also... I have a better grip on my horses.

    I have 100,614 — 80 minutes later — at 11:21 (EDT) on 04-MAY-2023:

    ¹ Consider reading this (entire) reply thread, from the Win a Legion 5i Laptop - April 2023 Giveaway page.  It begins with a reply from BenG, to me.  If you can tolerate it, this thread sheds more light on our evolving rapport — beginning with a reply from me, to BenG.  Really, it continues the 1st thread — as a 2nd, separate reply to BenG.  But, that may not be obvious.  There are many other replies separating the two.

  • But... you're laughing with me.  Right? Wink

  • Perhaps.  But, it appears to be worse than ever for the last 2 monthly, laptop giveaways¹.

    ¹ March 2023 and April 2023.  The March 2023 Giveaway (Legion Slim 7) ended with 162,824 entries.  Over 110,000 of which, were fraudulent entries, submitted in the final moments.  Fewer than 50,000 entries were legitimate.

  • That's adorable.

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  • When you see number's like this, it put's in perspective how hard it is to win.