Which past gaming year/moment would you time travel to? ("Time Loader" Keys - Ended)

If you could time travel, which past gaming moment or year would you return to?

"Time Loader" is a game about returning to the past, with tons of nostalgia for the 90s.
If you had a time machine and could travel to the past, which year or moment in gaming would you return to - and why?
Do you have fond memories of a certain time in your life with gaming, favorite game/console releases, or gaming cultural moments? Alternatively - are you having the most fun gaming in the present day?

Let me know why in the comments below, and in a few hours I'll DM Steam keys for "Time Loader" to thoughtful replies! (All done for today!)

- Please use at least 150 characters in your reply
- No ChatGPT or other AI-generated responses please! Give us an honest, personal answer - It doesn't need to be long :)
- Share some details; what game releases, memories, or other elements made the moment you picked so nostalgic?
- Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
- We've finished the entry period for keys today, keep an eye on your DMs for keys later.

  • Hard to pick, but probably when I first played CS (1.4/1.5 at time iirc) on LAN with friends, multiplayer games is a huge part of gaming today and CS is one of the reasons I fell in love with games.

  • I want to go back to 1997! I played Final Fantasy 7 in the PlayStation heyday. Since it was not possible to obtain information on the Internet like now, players exchanged strategy information directly with each other. I learned how to get the black chocobo through a friend. It was a time when clearing games was much more difficult than it is now!

  • If I could travel time I would go back to the earlies 2000s when I was given GTA San Andreas as a child and I had to go thoruh 6 CDs to install it. I had a great time that day. :')

  • The first time i defeated Sagat in the original Street Fighter.

    This is back in the days before the internet. No one knew about special moves. We had discovered the fireball by chance. Getting to Sagat was difficult enough. When he hit you with his fireball for 90%....we died. Alot.

    Finally, after figuring out the fireball, I won round one. Sagat won round two. Round 3 starts, he jumps at me. I go to throw a fire all but hit my very first dragon punch instead. Sagat lands right on it! It one shots him, victory! I've never felt such satisfaction before or since in a game.

    Fast forward to the mid 1990s, Street Fighter 2 comes out and there's Sagat now with a giant scar on his chest. I DID THAT!

  • I'm not sure exactly when it was (80's or 90's?) but I'd love to have been part of the arcade kiddies. Going back as an adult and pretending to be a kid (or teen) and spending hours and hours playing arcade machines would be pretty neat - better with friends, of course. Who wants to come with me?

  • This is an easy question for me. 2014, the year NiP won their first CSGO Major. I would absolutely go back in time to be albe to go see that tournament live in Cologne, for me it was a memorable moment  which made me fall in love with the team and especially the game. It would be great to be able to relive that moment and those emotions in person! <3

  • If I could time travel, I would return to the year 2015. There were a lot of good AAA titles that came out that year like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Bloodborne,..... I would love to experience all these games again, especially after seeing the current state of PC gaming as of currently.

  • I'd love to have been around when the early FPS releases like Doom and Quake came out, to have been around and actively part of the newly born idea of modern gaming, before online multiplayer really became the norm. Would have been great to be around at the start of something so game changing. A time when gaming was even more intimately social if you were to play multiplayer. Thanks again for all these opportunities Grinning

  • Well, the year that I could travel would be between 2013 and 2008, more than anything because they were years in which several renowned video games, in 2008 was where the potential that many games could offer not only for the generation, but also for PC, and 2013 for a reason, it was for me one of the best years, not only with the single player games that came out that were masterpieces, but also for multiplayer, so much so that several of the people that I met in that year, I still see them, talk to them and play with them, and if I went back to 2013, it would only be to relive those moments once more


    Thank you for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it

  • Hmm, maybe the * old times * like the others. But two periods of time marked my life with video games: late 2000s-early 2010s, when I would play games on friends' DS/3DS/others. Loved Super Mario 3D Land and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Still love them. I wish I could spend more time on those.

    The second period is just a few years ago, 2018-2019. That's when I really got into the gaming world.