(Ended) What's your favorite boss in gaming and why? (V Rising Keys)

What's your favorite boss in gaming and why?

In honor of V Rising, we're talking bosses today!
Of all the bosses in video games, which one stands out to you as your favorite and WHY?

Let me know in the comments below, and I'll DM Steam keys for "V Rising" to genuine replies later today!

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- Limit 1 key per member 
- Share some details; what elements of the boss design, combat, setup, or story made it memorable? or something else?
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  • I think one of my favorite bosses is "The Haunt" from the binding of Isaac. I think the design is just so cool and it is also pretty gross sometimes.
    I also really enjoy the final fight in Hades. It is so cool and the soundtrack to that fight is so awesome as well.

  • Speaking of vampires, my favourite boss is Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, I like multi-phase bosses in general and this is the first one that I remember, it's impressed in my mind from a long time ago when I had a PSX!

  • The Master in Fallout 1, such a variety of ways including nonviolent ones to defeat him and his plan. Also, he truly had a master plan! Also, he was a cool mutant so he had a great visual appearance, and a history tied to the vaults (added this to reach the required character limit).

  • Samuel Rodrigues (Jetstream Sam) from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. He's an awesome character that is even more fun to actually get to play as in the games DLC! Without going into spoilers, his backstory, personality, and smile give the main character Raiden a run for his money. Plus, he has an absolute banger track for his boss fight! Not to mention, he's also one of the best Brazilian video game characters, too!

  • Abyss Watchers in Dark Souls 3. The design of this fight is awesome. To begin with, before you enter the fight you already hear the sound of swords clashing.

  • Grimm (especially Nightmare King Grimm) from the game Hollow Knight. Love the atmosphere, design and the music. The boss batlle feels like a dance, it's very beautiful and feels so good after beating it.

  • My favorite boss is probably the Minecraft Ender dragon boss fight. It is the first really boss in the game that challenges you with its staggering health and diverse moves. It is very open ended and for a first time player it is very hard, but when you play with your friends this boss fight becomes a real raid boss battle. You have to rush to destroy the pillars with your friends and you are constantly trying to stay alive and avoid the Endermen attacks. What I love most though is that it allows for creativity that Minecraft is best known for. It offers any way you can think of to kill it. Overall it is a memorable experience for a first boss fight.

  • My favourite boss is the old man from Plague tale innocence , though he looked he could be beaten up quite easily , but the way he controlled white rats against us was extremely eyewatching and the last battle was very good and nasty at the same time 

  • my favourite boss in gaming is rennala queen of the full moon from elden ring her own mechanics along with the babies are the much disturbing and coolest thing

  • Slone from Titanfall 2.... After an awesome campaign was the perfect ending to use all my power