[Epic Games] (DLC) World of Warships × Warhammer 40,000: Free Pack [Free]

DLC Price: Free (Free until May 31)

Base Game Price: Free to Play



Download this free DLC and go for a 7-day joyride aboard the equal-parts majestic and ancient Imperial Navy battleship Ignis Purgatio. The ship can bring a dizzying amount of destruction to bear using her ten massive 410 mm guns—just don’t get too comfortable being the center of the enemy team’s attention.

In addition to the ship, you will get a haul of grimdark camouflages representing different factions of the Warhammer 40,000 universe: Chaos’ “Primordial Annihilator”, the Okrs’ “The Red Threat”, the Imperial Navy’s “Protector of the Faith,” and the Black Templars’ “The Eternal Crusader”.

This package contains:

  • Free 7-day rental of Tier VIII Premium Japanese battleship Ignis Purgatio.
  • 10x “Primordial Annihilator” camouflages.
  • 10x “The Red Threat” camouflages.
  • 10x “The Eternal Crusader” camouflages.
  • 10x “Protector of the Faith” camouflages.

This time-limited exclusive DLC is only available between 25-31 May, 2023, and can only be unlocked with World of Warships game accounts that were created through Epic Games Store.

This content requires the Free to Play base game World of Warships on Epic Games in order to play: