What kind of rewards are the most meaningful to you? (Physical or Digital?)

Today, I want to spark a discussion about the rewards that truly resonate with us as gamers.

We all love reaping the benefits of our dedication and skill, but what type of rewards do you find the most meaningful: physical or digital?

When it comes to gaming rewards, there are various options to consider. Physical rewards can range from gaming merchandise, collectibles, and peripherals to exclusive limited edition items that we can proudly display. On the other hand, digital rewards offer a different kind of gratification, such as in-game items, downloadable content (DLC), virtual currencies, or even exclusive access to beta testing and early releases.

In this discussion, I invite you to share your personal preferences and experiences. What makes a reward truly valuable to you? Do physical rewards hold sentimental value, reminding you of your achievements and gaming milestones? Or do digital rewards hold more appeal due to their convenience and immediate impact on your gameplay?

Feel free to discuss the pros and cons of each reward type, share memorable experiences with particular rewards, and even suggest new and innovative reward ideas that you believe would enhance the gaming experience.

Remember, there's no right or wrong answer here. We all have our own unique preferences, and this is an opportunity to gain insights from fellow gamers within our Legion Community.

So, let's dive into this exciting discussion! Share your thoughts, stories, and opinions on what kind of rewards hold the most meaning for you as a gamer.

(Note: This discussion is being started in the 'Freebies' group, but feel free to cross-post or share it with other relevant groups to gather a wide range of perspectives.)

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  • In game rewards are what I prefer. Just overcoming something in the game and being rewarded for your efforts feels gratifying. An easy example is pokemon with the shiny charm for filling out the pokedex. Or like with FFXIV where if you clear high end content you get some cool cosmetic to use to say "Hey look what I did."

    Physical rewards are nice, art books, CDs with game soundtracks, some exclusive item, etc. But not everyone can get a hold of the physical items. A lot of the time if you want to get the physical items they are being sold at way too high of a price or there is a cap on preordering weather it be online or instore, they are only allocated so much when they pit in the order. 

  • I love rare titles when you gain achievements.

  • I'd have to say that I prefer physical rewards, especially things that help me be a better gamer, such as a new mouse, widescreen monitor, keyboard, etc...  Also, fun stuff like RGB LED effects for my PC tower.  The best physical reward, in my personal opinion, would be an exclusive collectable LEGO minifigure of characters from my favorite games.., but getting LEGO on board with that may be a bit difficult...

  • I really prefer physical rewards in most cases. I've been a big Nintendo guy for a really long time, and the old Club Nintendo rewards were awesome. Somewhere in storage I have a display piece that has a bunch of the characters from the Super Mario Bros. universe...the go for about $100 new on eBay, and I got mine just for buying games I was going to purchase anyhow. Seems like a good deal to me!

  • definitely physical ones, that or gift cards with value, if i win something i want it to be something i keep, not something that will cycle out or eventually be replaced by newer games or seasonal content, even cosmetic only lasy as long as the game stays around and often become outdated fairly quickly.

     So definitely something i can keep and dispose or keep at my own leisure.

  • i prefer in game rewards or acheivements

  • its hard to decide which i may like more.  in game content that i can show off to others around me is always a plus.  it shows you've put in the time and effort to complete a certain objective. however, physical rewards such as peripherals or even some other things like League of Legends used to give out a jacket to everyone who reached challenger.

  • Wow,, I would definitely have to say I like dlc in game rewards. Love getting rare items and new content. I play a lot of elderscrolls and forza games.... I also love golf,so definitely I would have to say digital rewards are for me...

  • I my self love Physical Reward, But I am happy when I win a Game especially on PC, Because I always have then not like console that anything may happen. I have never won a PC or a Laptop, but I am always trying. 

  • My preference between the two choices would be physical rewards. As a gamer, I would like to improve my game play and overall computer/internet experience. Having choices like graphic cards, memory, power supplies, etc. up to a new computer or laptop are more appealing. Don't get me wrong, I like digital rewards too, but physical rewards slightly rise above them for me.