FORUM GIVEAWAY - Free DLC Keys for 'World of Warships'

Our Forum Giveaways are BACK! First up, we’ve got 25 ' Naval Commander Booster Packs' for World of Warships!

To grab your key, simply leave a comment to answer the question below:

Which video game set during World War II is your favorite, and why?

  • Please use at least 200 characters in your reply
  • Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
  • Share some details; what makes the game stand out to you?
  • After the competition closes (or we've run out of keys - whichever comes first!), we'll send out game keys to your Community email account. 

The Naval Commander Booster Pack features:

  • 2 Stars 'n' Stripes camouflages
  • 2 special economic bonuses of each type
  • 3 common economic bonuses of each type
  • 1 More Signals container"

In addition, if you’re a new player to World of Warships, you’ll also get:

  • 200 Doubloons
  • 7 days of Warships Premium Account
  • After playing 15 battles, you will get to choose to keep one of the following Tier IV ships:
    • German battleship Moltke
    • French destroyer Bourrasque
    • Italian battleship Dante Alighieri
    • Dutch cruiser De Ruyter
    • British aircraft carrier Hermes

Giveaway will be live until end of day Sunday, July 16th at 11:59 PM, or when we run out of the 25 keys we have to give away - whichever comes first! Giveaway open to all NA residents who are aged 18 years or over.

  • Easily world of warships, and not the blitz version. That one's still pretty fun though.I haven't played that much really, but would love something to get me going more than the current low-level grind to earn/unlock anything else. All the promotions I tried didn't work for my account, they were all for new accounts. I've had a wargaming account for years, I started with world of tanks, then warships, then didn't play either for years. A friend got me into tanks blitz about 4 years ago. Much more fun than tanks normal, only drawback is platoon of two, and there's often three of us who want to party together. I only got back into warships again a month or so ago, and I had to start from the beginning. Not sure why, either it reset over years of not being used, or I had my old profile on an old email. I missed a bunch of redeems I did on website a few weeks before I actually logged in, I really though I already had a profile ingame. I'm linked to steam now, and play it there, so not sure if that's why it had to start fresh without redeems. Account old though, so couldn't even use all the starter bonuses I had. I look forward to playing more, and thank you for the chance to win.

    [Edited - Didn't realize character minimum]

  • Of course it's Call of Duty: WW2. I love it because it has my favorite battle on Omaha Beach. I was fascinated by the bravery of soldiers back in 1998, when the movie "Saving Private Ryan" came out. Just a lot of emotions were conveyed in this battle.

  • My favorite World War II video game would have to be Call of Duty World at War. Sure the historical setting, multiplayer, and campaign have been my favorite in the series, but the main reason I love this game is because of the Nazi Zombies. The amount of time I have spent with friends and family playing this game has become a fond memory I can look back on. 

  • Very cool giveaway. I am happy to see things like this.

  • Thanks for the chance and I wish those who got it enjoy!

  • Call of duty because it is very real

  • Only one's I played would be the Call of Duty 1 & 2. They're a bit dated now & i've not done a replay anytime recently, BUT they are burned into my memory for having many awesome moments.

    I played on the harder difficulty levels so there was that heightened dopamine reward loop on achievement

  • I enjoyed playing Japanese army at the Battle of Wake Island and the Battle of Midway map. The character's voice was strange and funny. I like 1942 the best over the recent series.In the past, there was no high-spec PC, so it was laggy, but it has a different fun than today's games.

  • Haydehoo Lenovo nation! ^^

    Like all point & click games from Lucasfilm Games, I've enjoyed every moment playing and even finishing on Amiga Commodore 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure' released on 1989 simultaneously with the movie which events were set during World War II.

    The plot closely follows, and expands upon the movie as many of the scenes unique to the game were conceived by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg during the creation of the movie. Indiana Jones is told about the Holy Grail and the disappearance of his father. From that point, Indy then travels to some of the places seen in the movie, such as Venice and the catacombs, after meeting Elsa Schneider, a fellow archeologist. In the process there are many action scenes, involving fists, and the biplane sequence above Europe, pursued by Nazi planes.

    It's worth to notice that an exclusive game prequel, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, was released on 1992. The plot is set in 1939, on the eve of World War II. Indy is joined not by a blonde this time but by a ginger, Sophia Hapgood, who will provide support throughout the game. The game was a bigger hit and wished if there was a movie adaptation.