Have you won a giveaway here?

Has anyone here won a giveaway from here? Did it help change your life?

  • I didn't win any giveaways in my whole life. If I won here, I wouldn't believe it either. 

  • I haven't. Was wondering the same thing

  • I’ve only won a DLC key.  I appreciate anything free, but it didn’t change my life. =)   A laptop on the other hand….  

  • i won tea from a giveaway once. it didnt change my life but it was expensive tea and i really enjoyed it

  • I haven't. But I don't think I've entered that many. I know they are hard to win

  • I've won a couple DLC keys over a couple years. 

  • That's a no. But whomever has won, congrats to them and although not necessary it is a nice story if the prize did in part change someone's life (for the better) 

  • Yes, I have, I won some games and a few items, and I am really very unlucky most of the time.

  • I have not.  But will keep trying.  It will not change my life, But would make my online and gaming time a better experience.    With only 1 winner per month, the odds of winning are not high, so most of us will not win.  That is normal with any contest.   It might be a good idea though, If Lenovo Posted the winners names or something every month?  That way everyone can see who the winners are.  

  • Same! I am still entering every chance