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Let us know your designs for a chicken-themed weapon to use in Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown!

How about an egg-zooka? Or beak-seeking missiles? Make sure to tell us a little bit about how your design would work. Naturally, chicken-themed puns are most welcome!

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The giveaway is open to all NA residents who are aged 18 years or over.

  • Double-beaked ax is the weapon of choice of a real hard boiled men. Beak-serker set includes Beak helmet, razor sharp Beaky gloves and heavy Beak boots. Also a feathered loincloth .. with a Beak! And that's all. Only cowards wear pants, shields and other pieces of armor. But you're not a chicken aren't you?

  • A mini gun that shoots eggs, machine gut with rapid fire that shoots eggs, or a bazooka the shoots exploding cat face eggs. also a mallet with two faces of a cats on each end. A spike bat with an eagle face.

  • I would make a rocket launcher that shoots out rotisserie chicken. This chicken projectile will explode on impact releasing 6 projectiles. These projectiles would be shaped like drumsticks. 

  • Sticky Exploding Egg. Fastened behind the back like a knapsack, flashing wildly and emitting an alarming cackle. It gives a carrier double damage and extra armor ..and it will also explode at a random moment of time. In 30 seconds? In a minute? In five?? No one knows! However, if you are a cowardly chicken, then you can pass it to the enemy at any time, depriving yourself of all bonuses. Drops upon death.

  • A KFC bucket that could be detonated remotely.or with a timer, a turret that rapidly fires easter eggs, a bazooka/rpg that tars and feathers target slowing them down temporarily and maybe a portal that summons baby chick minions that create a defensive barrier/wall to protect player. Lastly, a crossbow that launches eggs that leave pools of acid yolks. Lol. I think my suggestions have gotten out of hand but a game like this thrive on fun chaos.

  • Chicken egg spread gun that would shoot in a wide angle incredibly fast.

  • Egg grenade launcher. The grenade launcher will fire an egg that will make a "Rooster" sound when it explodes. The white and yolk will fly out of the exploded egg. White is gasoline and yolk is flint that will set fire to the enemy. After the enemy is defeated, there will be a dish - fried egg =)

  • Mini-gun firing chicken wing drumsticks, an egg firing rocket launcher that explode on impact leaving behind scrambled eggs and a cannon or howitzer firing a rotisserie chicken stuffed with rotten egg salad that explodes on impact leaving behind a poison gas cloud of rotten egg.

  • My chicken themed in game weapon would be called the cluck-i-nator.  Naturally it would shoot egg projectiles out at a super fast pace which would of course, deal a lot of damage to the opponent. It would have a beak on the end that the eggs would come out of.

  • I would use a chicken egg grenade launcher that when it would hit the ground it will release 100 baby chicks that would peck the enemy to death. But it would have a downside to it. Its a single shot weapon and takes a super long time to hat h another egg to put in the launcher.