[PENDING] FORUM GIVEAWAY - FREE 'Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown' key!

We've got ONE HUNDRED keys for Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown to giveaway - we're not yolking!

To grab your key, simply leave a comment to answer the question below:

Let us know your designs for a chicken-themed weapon to use in Screaming Chicken: Ultimate Showdown!

How about an egg-zooka? Or beak-seeking missiles? Make sure to tell us a little bit about how your design would work. Naturally, chicken-themed puns are most welcome!

  • Please use at least 150 characters in your reply
  • Limit 1 key per member (including past discussions)
  • After the competition closes (or we've run out of keys - whichever comes first!), we'll send out game keys to your Community email account. 

The giveaway will be live until end of day Wednesday, September 13th at 11:59 PM ET, or when we run out of the 100 keys we have to give away - whichever comes first!

The giveaway is open to all NA residents who are aged 18 years or over.

  • Boxing gloves - it not really related but hear me out, your chicken can punch and kick. When you punch enemy, the other chicken will lost feather and being dizzy if getting too much punch. Drop kick will set enemy fly across the map but it one time use.

  • ketchup thrower, like a flamethrower but with ketchup.

  • Chuka drumsticks (drumstick nunchucks) - Chicken ninja that will wail while swinging them around in a wildly controlled rage.  Every 3rd swing results in a breakaway drumstick that flies forward and will explode 2 seconds after causing an AoE destroying the environment or other opponents.

  • A golden hammer chicken egg  shaped that breaks down when eliminating enemies, and after a certain amount of eliminations drops an explosive chickens golden chicken that does area damage to anyone close to it.

  • Hello, my design for a chicken themed fight would include a bazuka gun which can take any eggs at  a time and the one with maximum hits wins the game. For defence one will have a helmet and a shield .The timing and direction of aiming and defence will be the key to win the game here:)

  • My game design would be something unique and take inspiration from angry birds.There would be a slingshot with a hen carrying 1 or multiple eggs .If the slingshot is aimed with perfect power and angle and ability,  the opponent will win the egg fight game

  • The chicken egg game will be called Eggin-fiesta.It will be a huge Coop game challenge with round Robin elimination style where a there will be a team of 4 players and all the teams would compete to be the egg grandmaster.The  players will unlock new weapons as they make progress for firing eggs and also be awarded with shield and armor to make their defence robust.

  • Long burning string with an arm holding it as a trigger (metal rod with a screw on the middle as a rotating point). Jam powder, paper and a egg in place of a bullet down the barrel, and pour small amount of gunpowder in a small pan on the back end of the barrel. When the burning rope touches it, it will ignite the powder in the barrel through a small hole in the barrel wall.

  • I will make a chicken based thor styled hammer which will have a boost charge feature  The moment it is fully charged up , one can attack the enemy to take maximum damage.Apart from it, I will also make an egg grenade which when projectiles the right pace , would destroy the enemy base

  • Match design lock but with a simple mechanism, basically a spring hold back the hammer (holding flint) and when you pull the trigger it releases the hammer and it scratches a metal panel and the sparks ignite the powder and shoots the egg simple but effective.