Shortlist of Giveaways or Freebies?

Hi gamers and influencers!

Has anyone bothered making a shortlist of any giveaways or freebies offered by the Lenovo family or their partners? If so, would you mind sharing it here with everyone.

Thank you in advance.


  • I'm not aware but I would love to see this.  Anyboydy...?  Anybody...?  Bueller...? Bueller..?

  • The only place I know of is on the right of this page, they show you there giveaway's, there are 5 pages to click on.

  • Can't say I've seen any other giveaways other than this one..

  • I didn't know there Lenovo giveaways other than this gaming one and the education group/page one.
    If there are It wold be great to know.

  • All I know is on the freebies forum it shows whats the current and free games for the month. 

  • Did not know there was a freebies forum, and don't know how to access it.

  • The only ones I know about are the ones that show on this page or the Lonovo Education site.  Sometimes there are also giveaways for Rewards members and you have to use points to enter those.  If you are looking for laptop giveaways other than Lenovo, there are usually gaming laptops or PCs being given away on other sites, plus social media sites.  If you Google laptop or PC giveaways, you can usually find several.  Vast also usually has laptop and gaming console giveaways, plus others.

  • Haven't seen any, but hint hint nows as good a time as any to make one!

    It'd be really helpful for folks just joining, as i myself had trouble finding them at first! Lol 

  • Its hard to keep up with giveaways. If anything, I would just search the slickdeals giveaway forums for anything lenovo.

  • The closest thing I know would be their Discord server