[Steam] (DLC) World of Tanks — “Ermelinda’s Gift” Pack [Free]

DLC Price: Free (Free until October 8)

Base Game Price: Free to Play



This Bundle Contains:

  • x1 day of WoT Premium Account
  • x1 Ermelinda crew skin
  • x3 Harrier's Track decal

NOTE: This exclusive bundle is available only until October 8th, 2023.

Bundle Description:

Coming straight from Ermelinda’s mysterious laboratory, this free DLC package contains one day of WoT Premium Account, several thematic decals and a unique crew skin of Ermelinda herself!

Premium Account. When you have an active WoT Premium Account, you get a lot of extra benefits that make the game even more enjoyable, such as a +50% bonus to Combat XP, Crew XP, and credits earned, one more slot for excluded maps, Reserve Stock, Premium missions and more.

Special Decals. Decorate your favorite vehicle with eye-catching customization elements inspired by “The Waffenträger: Projekt Hyperion” event and jump into action!

Unique Crew Skin. Turn one of your crew members into Ermelinda, a menacing adversary, brilliant engineer and beloved daughter of Max von Krieger.

NOTE: This is only a cosmetic item and not a unique crew member. To apply Crew Skins, you need to go into the Personal File of a Crew member you wish to modify, click on the “Crew Skins” tab, and manually select the desired Skin.

Grab the bundle and join the never-ending confrontation between the Harrier Squad and the ominous creations of von Krieger family!

DLC can be added to your World of Tanks account only once.

You will only be able to use this DLC if you play from a game account created on Steam.

This content requires the Free to Play base game World of Tanks on Steam in order to play:


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