Beta Key Bundle Giveaway

Need some new games to try in October?

We’re giving away keys for FOUR different titles over the next two weeks, starting today with an exclusive Open Beta Key for "DELPHYQ" on Steam!

Delphyq US/UK - Open Beta Key

DELPHYQ is a Real-time Strategy & Tactics game that puts you in the seat of a Mastermind, requiring you to analyze the current situation, evaluate the available resources, choose the missions, plan the attack, and execute the plan.
Take control of an elite combat squadron known as the Operatives and bring an end to the tyrannical corporate armistice known as The Balance.

Be on the lookout for our other free keys coming over the next two weeks. We'll update this post each time there's a new drop:

  • October 6th: Grab a demo key for Healing Spree, and experience Overcooked meets Theme Hospital in this hilarious and frantic co-op title.
  • October 8th: We’ll have closed beta keys for Tandem: A Tale of Shadows, a unique puzzle platformer set in 19th Century London. Cor blimey!
  • October 11th: Finally, we’ll be giving away free-play weekend keys for Insiders, where you’ll pilot a micro ship inside a human body, fighting viruses, mine resources and build a research base.

So there you have it! Four awesome titles to take for a spin. Claim your code instantly by completing the actions in the widget above.

Limited number of codes available. Available on a first-come, first-served basis. Limited to one code per community member.

Make sure you come back through the next two weeks to grab your keys. Happy gaming!

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