Vote on December Legion Giveaways!

Flash poll! What would you prefer to win in December?

I'm giving away at least one Legion Go in December, but I've seen mixed feedback on whether you want more Go's or not. So lets vote on prize options! Please answer these Q's:

I'm locking these in on Friday, so vote quickly!

  • I would think the laptop option.

  • Oh yes I would love to have the opportunity to win a new laptop.

  • Thanks for seeking the community opinion!  Slight smile

  • Tough choice, but have to go with one of each since laptop so nice and is what I know.

  • Glad to see these kinds of laptops are back in consideration for the giveaways.

  • Thanks for getting the community's opinion on this! Looks like the majority of us are on the same page here, always great to have a chance at a new laptop

  • I think one of each is a great option. Either way, these are 2 nice devices that most people would love to own!

  • Voted! would love to see 1 of each given away