How many games do you have on Epic?

Compared to how many you bought, lmao.
I have bought like 3 games on Epic and have 416 games just from hoarding all the free stuff.

  • lol same. Hard to say no to collecting free games!

  • I have bought maybe 8-10  games back when they used to have the infinite $10 coupon on $14.99 or higher priced games during some sales events but unfortunately they stopped doing that particular coupon and I haven't seen a deal worth purchasing since. I remember getting Dead Cells and Hades for $5 each during those promos. I have at least a couple hundred free games with some decent indie titles.

  • I dont usually use epic store so i think i have about two or three?

    That might change once i get a decent laptop, one actually able to run and stream them properly. Til then its xbox hell.

  • I like to hoard the free stuff. I probably have around 20 indie games.

  • I love collecting free games, so quite a few.

  • I have around 125 games in my account from all of the free promotions and games

  • I have so many! It’s hard to decline free stuff.

  • Honestly not much, like 40 all from free promotion.

  • 303. Bought one, a few are already free (Fortnite, Rocket League, Star Trek Online), and the rest were just free from Epic.

  • Over 500 I star it collecting from the beginning of Epic.