Giveaway winners.

Anyone here really won a giveaway, either US or otherwise? What was it and how many times did you enter?

  • I haven't won a Lenovo one directly, although I did win a Lenovo PC via a company called Rainway. They were using shuttle style lenovo cases for demo pcs. Loved the case. I've also won a steamdeck and some small stuff like memory and M.2 drives. 

  • Our November 2023 Go winners were   and  

    I also like tagging  and  since they're both pretty active/won in the past as proofers Slight smile

  • I have won some of the website giveaways as well. Two clip contests in the past. I've won some Twitch stream chat giveaways. I've collected all the all the in-chat Infinity Stones, lol.

  • Hi i thought the draw date was on Dec 8th ? 

  • Time for another post about this

  • pretty active

    Pretty active?  Was Genghis Khan "pretty active"? :-)

    According to various sources, one in every 200 people on the planet can trace their genetics to Genghis Khan.¹


  • Winning month — number of entries v totalI started entering Giveaways on the Legion Community a year or two ago.  I was only submitting 1–4 entries per Giveaway, at first.

    Then I stopped entering for nearly a year.

    I returned in March 2023.  I started to participate — slowly, at first.  Submitting 75 entries.  Then 183 entries.  Then 228 entries.

    The month I won, I submitted 231 entries.  Not the most I ever submitted, but close.

    Good luck,  !

  • I've won a couple of game keys in the past.  I tend to try to enter on a daily basis since they have it on most of their (large) giveaways.  It obviously boils down to chance and the more entries you have the better your chances.  If you enjoy the process of engaging with the forums and giveaways hopefully your lucky day will arrive and you'll be selected  Slight smile

  • I can only hope , I’ll keep entering until I win fingers crossed.

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