[Switch] (Games) No Gravity Games - Switchmas Wonderland [Free]

A chain of 11 free games from 12/11 - 12/20.

No Gravity Games is back with the Holiday Giveaway! This time we are giving away 11 titles to keep you entertained this holiday season - for the first time ever, with TWO GAMES on a grand finale day!

*This offer is only valid for Nintendo accounts assigned to the Americas region.


On Selected day, one title will be revealed and will have 100% off Owner Discount. If you have all the previous games from the lineup you'll be able to grab it for free! Just click on the corresponding image of the game as it goes up for grabs and you'll be able to redeem it there.


You’ll need to be careful though. If you forget to redeem any of the corresponding free titles, you won’t be eligible for the rest. The next titles in the lineup will become available free for users who have the previous ones added to their accounts!

(If you miss a game, don’t worry. Just buy the missing games, which will go on sale the day after the owner discount, to complete the chain and this will grant you a possibility to gather the rest of them for free!)

You'll need to already own any game from No Gravity Games to start gathering games for free in this giveaway.

Don't have any? No worries, just click on the link below to sign to their Newsletter to receive a free copy of Pirates: All Aboard for Nintendo Switch (claim the free game until the 11th of December only!):



Day 1 - 12/11: Nonograms Prophecy

Day 2 - 12/12: Creepy Tale 2

Day 3 - 12/13: Catlord

Day 4 - 12/14: Picklock

Day 5 - 12/15: KIDS: FARM COLORING

Day 6 - 12/16: Make War

Day 7 - 12/17: Supersonic Tank Cats

Day 8 - 12/18: Nova-111

Day 9 - 12/19: Destropolis

Day 10 - 12/20: Primal Light & Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja

  • And the chain of free games begins...

  • Thanks for the heads up  .  I'm happy I didn't miss the first day.

  • ooooo awesome! Thank you for posting!

  • Final two games in the chain of giveaways! Out of the 11 free games, 10 were ones that I didn't previously own. How many new games did you get?