[PC] (DLC) World of Warships — New Year Camo Collection [Free]

DLC Price: $3.09 Free (Free until January 2)

Base Game Price: Free to Play


Bolster your arsenal with this festive cache that holds all the New Year-themed camouflages that have graced our Ports each winter holiday season since the dawn of World of Warships. It offers the perfect way to boost your XP in battles and blend in at parties!

Bundle includes:

  • 1x New Year Sky camouflage
  • 1x Winter Strands camouflage
  • 1x New Year Streamer camouflage
  • 1x Type 3 – New Year" camouflage
  • 1x Frosty Fir Tree camouflage
  • 1x New Year camouflage
  • 9x common expendable economic bonuses of four types (Credits +20%, Ship XP +100%, Commander XP +100%, and Free XP +300%

Camouflages only change the ship exterior and do not provide any economic or combat bonuses.