[GOG] Free game collection, including Postal, Quake 2 RTX, Beneath a Steel Sky, some Elder Scrolls, and more

Looks like GOG is having a large giveaway of games.   I believe many have been previously given away during their 3-4 day long giveaways, but since there were 10 I'd never claimed, it's likely other may have missed some along the way.


  • thanks for sharing this.. I will go check it out and see what they have to offer.. 

  • Thanks for sharing this! GOG is a great source for games.

    1. Thanks for sharing, gotta check this out after work
  • Awesome, thank you for sharing this link...who doesn't love free games?!

  • I might be mistaken, but those seem to be the games that are always free on GoG. There are some full games, but also prologues, demos, chapter one etc. If you browse free on GoG, you shall find more!

  • I'll check it out. Thanks.

  • Thank you kind sir or madam.