Steam Freebie: Knights Path The Tournament

This game is a great little pickup and an excellent diversion quick play!

Knight's Path: The Tournament is a short (2-3 hour long) medieval RPG featuring challenging combat, an immersive progression system, and a nice little story. It serves both as an announcement and a teaser for the forthcoming open-world RPG Knight's Path, which is currently in active development.

You can pick it up on Steam today!

  • Thanks for the information! The game looks right up my alley, similar to Sekiro's combat mechanics and style!

  • Thank you for the information! Looks fun!

  • Thank you very much, this might be very fun to play, will check it out after Christmas. Merry Christmas to all there at Lenovo, and a great New Year..

  • It does look really cool!! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Thanks for the heads up   Slight smile

  • Thanks for the info. Cool preview.

  • thanks for sharing with us!

  • I can't wait to try! Thank you

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m not into medieval games but it’s still an easy pick up for the holidays and with the price of free, why wouldn’t you?