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  Note: if any codes are taken, and you would like a new one, just ask for one in the comments, and I'll provide it!

Marvel Star Wars: The High Republic #1 Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive (2021) Digital Comic


Digital code valid until 4/01/2022 11:59 PM ET.


Marvel Black Panther (1998) #1

  • 114KA

Digital code valid until 1/25/2022 11:59 PM ET.


Marvel Black Panther and The Crew #1

  • UZ8IS

Digital code valid until 1/25/2022 11:59 PM ET.


Black Widow (2016) #1

  • WEK94

Digital code valid until 12/9/2023


Carnage, U.S.A. (2011) #1

  • WW1I1

Digital code valid until 12/9/2023


Hawkeye (2016) #1


Digital code valid until 12/9/2023


Available for iOS and Android devices.

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  3. Follow the on-screen instructions, then launch the Marvel Comics App and check out your new digital comic under the "My Comics" tab

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  • If you want one for you and one for a friend, or if somebody was just plain rude enough to take one without saying so, feel free to ask for a fresh code down here!

  • hey are they still available?

  • Depends on the comic, but yes, they should all be available!

  • How are people able to get these for free, i find this awesome

  • Just take codes listed above, comment what you take, and I cross it off or replace it!

  • just tried the black widow one and the hawkeye one, said the codes were not redeemable

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous in reply to T9Kn

    The carnage and Hawkeye ones didn’t work

  • Chance there's another available? My wifey would like one also, I was interested in the carnage one but doesn't seem to work... Any possibility of a Deadpool comic? I used to own 2 series plus his first appearance, but it unfortunately was stolen, looking forward to it!! Ty

  • Nothing Deadpool, mate, sorry :(

    I do, however, have the following, if you're interested:

    • Grand Design (2017) #1/X-Men: Alpha (1995) #1
    • X-Men Legends (2021) #1/X-Men: Phoenix Endsong (2005) #1
    • Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit (2021) #1
    • Doctor Strange (2015) #1
    • Moon Knight (2021) #1
    • Return of Wolverine (2018) #1
    • X Lives of Wolverine (2022) #1
    • Moon Knight Vol. 1: The Bottom (Issues #1 - #6, Full Collection)
    • Death of Wolverine (Issues #1 - #4, Full Collection)

    I can only provide a few out of the whole list, but get in touch with me and we'll figure it out!

    I'll DM you immediately if I can manage to get anything Deadpool in stock :)