Free 4K Legion Wallpaper - "Blue Neon"

More 2022 Legion logo wallpapers are here!

Want this in an animated version? Get it for Wallpaper Engine on Steam using this link.

Check back each Wednesday for new wallpaper drops!

Click here for the full image

  • ooo this looks awesome 

  • Thanks for the cool wallpapers. Any chance you'll be posting (or have posted) animated wallpapers? Even better would be small GIFs or MP4s that we can display on our AIO screens! Slight smile

  • Hey! Funny you should ask, check the text above - we added this one as a Wallpaper Engine wallpaper on Steam Slight smile

  • This is my new lock screen on my desktop!

  • These do look really cool, i wonder how they make them.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous in reply to NICOLA P.

    Much obliged for the cool backdrops. Any opportunity you'll post (or have posted) enlivened backdrops? Far better would be little GIFs or MP4s that we can show on our AIO screens

  • Yes! We have a few animated versions that we upload through Wallpaper Engine.

    If you prefer the MP4 file though, here is a direct file: